The Black Knights of Terath are primarily divided between three Knightly Orders: The Black Knights of Ebrus, The Black Knights of Westerland, and the Blades of Scorn.

All Black Knights follow the Path of the Nightwalker, but some of the orders focus on certain aspects more than others. The Black Knights of Ebrus prioritize the dedications of Prowess &  Loyalty, and teach most vigorously that their wrath undoes the weak. The Black Knights of Westerland focus most on the dedications of Defense & Courage, serving as a blade which destroys corruption. And the more recently risen order known as The Blades of Scorn dedicate themselves to Justice & Nobility, serving as champions for those who cry out for vengeance. There are other, smaller orders of Black Knights, but all Black Knights follow the same code of honor, even though some Black Knight orders treat each other as rivals or even enemies. Their code, known as The Path of The Nightwalker, is ancient and frightening. The two most famous Black Knights in all of Terath are King MutT The Black Titan, and the now-exiled King Falion The Red of Ebrus.

It is rumored that, before his defeat during The War of Kings, King Falion The Red used forbidden abyssal powers to imbue his Black Knights with demonic strength. King MutT, on the other hand, has often sent his own Black Knights to hunt and destroy abyssal demons whenever possible, and has vowed to destroy any Black Knight of Westerland who attempts to harness abyssal powers.


The Path of The Nightwalker

The Path of The Night Walker is made up of three parts: The Dedications, The Code, and The Measure

The Dedications

Seek excellence in all endeavors, martial and otherwise, seeking strength to be used in the service of the order, rather then in personal aggrandizement.

Seek always the path of justice, unencumbered by bias or personal interest. Bring vengeance to those who request it, recognize that the sword of justice is a powerful thing, and must be controlled with a calm mind and direct purpose.

Be known for unwavering commitment to your people and the ideals you are sworn to live by. There are few places where compromise is expected; loyalty is never amongst them.

The Knight is bound by oath to defend the precepts of the order and those to who he has sworn fealty. Seek always to defend your order, your nation and those whom you have sworn to protect.

Being a knight often means choosing the more difficult path, the personally expensive one. Make without question or complaint personal sacrifices in service of the precepts and people you are sworn to. Courage means taking the side of truth in all matters, rather then allowing the illusion of hope to corrupt one’s vision. A knight knows that courage is facing the truth without the distractions of faith and fear.

A knight must stand firm in himself and the precepts of the order, for this dedication roots him and gives him strength against temptation. Seek always to repay your debts in a manner befitting a knight.

Seek not the path of glory; knowing that glory for you order, your code and your lord outshine any personal glory you can gather to yourself. A knight gains standing in the eyes of the common through the glory of his order and his lord; a knight gains standing in the eyes of his peers and betters through service seen and recognized by his lord, his order and those who stand with them.

Seek to bring strength to your lord. Spread the ways of the Night Walker to those who might embrace the teachings, and seek to serve the order in all that you do. Always obey the laws of the order and the laws of those you have sworn to serve.

Seek great stature of character by holding to the virtues and duties of a knight, realizing that though the ideals cannot be easily reached, the failings of those striving towards them teaches them lessons that will guide them in their further pursuit of the ultimate goal of perfect honor and nobility. Nobility has the tendency to influence others, offering a compelling example of what can be done in the service of justice.

Follow the code in perfect sincerely, not for reasons of personal gain, but that you might better serve the order. Do not restrict your thoughts and views to a single aspect of the world around you, but seek to infuse every aspect of your life and world with these qualities. Should you fail you shall be called a black mark upon the honor of nobility until you, you blood or your line shall erase such stain in honor.

Do not sully your honor for the gain of a moment. Speak not falsehoods, knowing that a lie shown to the light shatters the honor of a thousand true words. Do not cheat, neither in game nor life, but follow the path which upholds the glory of knighthood.

Show always respect to the fair, for they ennoble the knight to greater deeds. Respect those who hold trust or title, even if they can not be held worthy of respect in their own right. Treat your peers as you shall demand they treat you. Treat all who hold title above you as you shall demand your lord be treated. In these acts you show that honor demands respect, damaged neither by prejudice or emotion. Respect the law and those who administer it, even if that law is not your own. Have manners and courtesies at all times, that none shall call you a bad guest or host

In addition to the Dedications of Knighthood, Knights of the Path of the Night Walker must uphold the code and measure, a number of tenets, which embody the meaning of nobility. The Code and Measure are similar in many lands throughout the world, suggesting they originate from an ancient, widespread source.

The Code

Thou shalt avenge the wronged
Thou shalt serve the lord to which thou has sworn fealty
Thou shalt accept no dishonor to be suffered without response
Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy
Thou shalt never speak falsehood
Thou shalt always be faithful to thy oaths
Thou shalt scrupulously perform thy noble duties
Thou shalt always be the champion of justice and honor against corruption and weakness

The Measure

A Knight is sworn to honor
His heart knows only justice
His blade destroys corruption
His might upholds his lord
His words speak no falsehood
His wrath undoes the weak