More commonly known simply as Binick, this Halfling scholar is known for his dedication to studying the history and nature of the school of Arcane Magic. Unlike most scholars, Bin’Binick Ga’Benick can be found out in the field, digging up old relics or exploring ancient tombs in search of forgotten lore.



Trained in the practice of Arcane Magic in Greymoore City at a young age, Binick quickly developed personal connections with scholars of Arcane Magic across the continent of Lairroth. He eventually discovered legends of an arcane labyrinth which once has stood nestled amongst the western fury mountain range, in the same region of the adventuring outpost of Falconreach.

Binick quickly developed a friendly working relationship with the adventurers there, providing coin and information in return for assistance with his work. Eventually his dangerous interests caught up with him and he became the victim of an arcane affliction which slowly devoured his memories and began to phase him out of space and time.

In an effort to save their ailing friend, the adventurers of Falconreach embarked upon a journey to the dangerous ‘Crypt of The Elevens’ in search of a magical artifact that was known for its power to restore memories and cure nearly any affliction. The adventurers were not successful on their first attempt and the Halfling was phased out of Cyrillia for exactly one year. At the end of that year, the adventurers eventually managed to use the artifact to revitalize Binick, restoring his corporeal form and allowing him to return to his pursuit of Arcane knowledge.


Name: Bin’Binick Ga’Benick
Titles: Master of The Arcane
Race: Halfling
Residence: The Heartlands
Profession: Arcane Scholar

OOG-Played By: Mike McComas
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OOG-Active?: Yes
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