Born in 183 PB as a son of the minor Clan Harrowheim of Hadrianus. Bannor’s Clan  of Barbarians believes that their ancient ancestors were descended from a creature which their stories refer to as “The Great Dragon Harrow”. Bannor’s people believed that the blood of Dragons once flowed through their veins, or perhaps still does. It has been a source of pride for the Harrowheim Clan for generations, which actually seems to have done the family more harm than good.

Bannor himself is a Hauldr of Clan Harrowheim, but is also one of the Free-Folk of Hadrianus. This makes his current standing with the clan of his birth is somewhat unclear. He spent years raiding, exploring, and working at the forge with the mighty Clan Boldir before eventually joining the Hadrian Royal Army. He has sworn to never take up weapons against the throne of Hadrianus, and holds to his oath.

Then, in 210 PB, Bannor witnessed the Duel of Kings, and watched as The Great and True Dragon Cureanon massacred thousands of soldiers with Draconic Lightning. Upon witnessing such a mighty display of Draconic magic, Bannor experienced an Arcane Awakening, becoming filled with a powerful yearning to unlock the deep secrets which will allow him to become a Dragon.

Ever since witnessing the power of the Great & True Dragon Cureanon during the War of Kings, Bannor has searched for ways to claim draconic power. He became an adventurer in order to seek out magical relics or allies which can help him achieve his goal of transforming into a winged dragon, and taking to the skies.