The Vampire Lord known as Avric Silvermoon was once a Parthan Warden and the former Magistrate of Falconguard. During his life, he was most well known as the Warden of a group known as Alpha, which includes Jolar the Farmer of Souls, King Galathule, The Wizard, and Sir Xefrom Greymoore. Shortly before his death and subsequent undead transformation, Avric is rumored to have consumed a unique potion to temporarily change his race from Parthan to Human so that he could avoid the dreaded influence of Typhon, the father of Monsters. However, upon his death, this change became much more permanent, altering his appearance forever.

Avric is believed to have been magically transformed into a vampire as a consequence of an immensely powerful magical trap, which cursed him with the vampiric legacy of a legendary vampire known as Sinistra d’le Couer. This trap was triggered due to his direct refusal to follow the orders of the White Knight King, Aleric Falconcrest. Against the commands of his King, Avric retrieved the fabled Crown of Greymoore from an Abyssal Trap, the curse of a Vampire Lord took hold of him.

As a result of his disobedience, Avric was stripped of his citizenship, although he currently serves as the unofficial ambassador to the undead alliance known as the Kingdom of the Night and maintains good relations with the new monarch of Falconcrest, King Gilrandir Galathule. As of the year 216 PB Lord Avric dwells within the haunted Ruins of Ku’Vahl, slowly forging alliances within the Kingdom of The Night and claiming power from within the ruins.



Avric is from the far north of Lairroth. He spent a large amount of time in the town of The Crossroads before the Dark War and the migration to Terath.

Notable Accomplishments

*Was the Merchant Liason Between the Calien Merchant Lords and the Heartlands before the start of the Dark War
*Awarded the title of Sentinel of the Heartlands
*Appointed as the Alderman in Falconguard
*Participated in the Resurrection of The Dragon Rhoum, The Peacebringer.
*Appointed as the Magistrate of Falconguard
*Recovered the Crown of Greymoore from the Abyss


Current Whereabouts and Activities

Avric Silvermoon is the former Magistrate of Falconguard. Because of his strong alliance with the Vampire Lords of Akeron, some speculate that he serves as Falconcrest’s Bridge to these necromantic neighbors.



Name:Avric Silvermoon
Titles: Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Night
Sentinel of The Heartlands
Race: Vampire
Residence:Ruins of Ku’Vahl
Profession: Ambassador/Merchant

OOG-Played By:Andrew B.
OOG-First Played:2002
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