Omi is a Scrollmaker and Elementalist recently come to Terath against her will. She resides temporarily inFalconguard until she can return home to her holdings in Il’lithoria. She likes to ambush her foes with deadly fire magic and has a fascination with other planes.



Amaterasu was a semi-nomadic clan of Knockmilna that spent much of the summer months in the forests north of the mountain border between Rhoum and the Heartlands. The clan elders observed the growing influence and power of the merchant states of Calien and began to send their children to be trained, groomed and educated by various merchant houses in the south. This practice grew more popular with the next generation, of which Omi was a part. However, her upbringing in Calien has divorced her from her own people and their culture, which she feels alienated from and more than a little ashamed of.

Eventually she left Calien and headed to Sith where rumor held there was land available for those able to defend themselves from the slave raiders who made their living pillaging the countryside. Drawn briefly back to the south during the revolts against the vampires, she fought with the Argent Tide for a short while before becoming disenchanted with their methods.

Omi has since acquired a new home close to the elven homeland, Il’lithoria, and travels between there and the Heartlands.


Additional Information

Masterful Arcanist who excels in planeswalking and elemental organ based surgeries. ~V.G.



Name: Amaterasu Omi
Aliases: Omi
Titles: Admiral
Race: Asurkian
Residence: New Omiland, Illithoria
Profession:Land Speculator

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