Alrune is a physician and alchemist from The Ethlin Isles who first met the PCs during her field examinations. She is very polite and delights in unique or exotic creatures to study.

She is the daughter of Albion May, a member of The Terathian Vigil.



Alrune’s parents are alchemists currently living in Chindius. Originally planning on following in their footsteps, her aptitude for medicine caught the attention of the Dean of the University of Helos in Ethlinspire. He mentored her throughout her studies, but was unable to prevent the other members of the faculty from making life difficult for her, a rare human exception at an elven center of learning.

For her field exams to be granted a fellowship, Alrune was sent to Falconguard to gather her required materials under the protection of the Red Band of Chaos. It is commonly believed that this would result in her death, but the adventurers of the Red Band and the inhabitants of Falconguard were tougher than anticipated. Now a Royal Fellow, Alrune often visits Falconguard and has been known to hire the residents to acquire components that she needs for her experiments.


Name: Alrune Mayweather
Titles: Royal Fellow of Medicine, University of Helos
Race: human
Heritage: Chindian
Residence: Ethlinspire
Profession: Physician

OOG-Played By: Anji
OOG-First Played: Summer 2010
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