Champion of knightly traditions, warrior of unmatched skill, and honorable king of the Falconcrest Kingdom- Aleric Falconcrest can claim a list of heroic accomplishments which would humble most leaders in Cyrillia.

King Falconcrest is a descendant of the ancient Greymoore bloodline which legends claim to have once ruled a vast empire in ages past. He is known for his commitment to The Path of The Lightwalker, for his fearlessness, and for his dedication to creating a realm of honor, nobility, and prosperity.


Born in Lairroth, and fostered amongst the dwarven people of the The Kingdom of The Realms in his youth, Aleric Falconcrest survived the Abyssal Breach commonly referred to by the people of Lairroth as the plagues. After coming of age, Aleric marched south with an army to reclaim the fallen Heartland Kingdom, engaging in afamous battle with the servants of the Arch Lich known as Tal Sigor.

After rebuilding The Kingdom of The Heartlands, Aleric Falconcrest was attacked and magically imprisoned for many generations. Eventually, brave adventurers and loyal servants of the lost king managed to free him from his prison, returning Aleric to Lairroth.

Discovering that his descendants now ruled the Heartland Kingdom in Lairroth, King Aleric gathered an army of brave soldiers and loyal citizens and traveled from Lairroth to Terath in the Terathian Migration after the Dark War in order to establish the Barony of Falconcrest within the borders of the lands ruled by Queen Octavia Lucius.

After The Draconic Domination of Terath, Aleric Falconcrest reclaimed the title of King and established the current Kingdom of Falconcrest.

Name: Aleric Falconcrest
Titles:King Falconcrest, Your Majesty
Heritage: Greymoore Bloodline
Residence:Falconcrest Kingdom
Profession: King

OOG-Played By:James Bernard
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