The Master Druid known as Alaver often serves as the primary spokesperson for the large network of druids known as The Arcadian Grove.

Not much is widely known about the internal structure and hierarchy of The Arcadian Grove, but all reports indicate that Alaver holds a place of high honor and responsibility within the order. He is known to be fair, loyal, and stern. However, those who have had repeated personal dealings with the Master Druid claim that he is very open, friendly, and even mirthful toward any who come to know him well.

There are very few records of instances where The True Voice of The Tree has personally participated in battle, but many suspect that Alaver possesses considerable power in his own right. Through observation of his visitation to such a wide number of locations throughout the continent, it is clear that Alaver uses some form of Ritual or Druidic Magic to transport himself across Terath.



Alaver is often known only by his title within the Arcadian Grove – The True Voice of The Tree. However, historical records seem to suggest that Alaver has held this title for far more years than his age would suggest. Due to the reclusive nature of The Arcadian Grove, it is not known when or how this title was obtained, although the title of True Voice of The Tree is said to have first been created by the ancient dragon, Valencia.




Name: Alaver
Aliases: Master Druid
Titles: True Voice of The Tree
Race: Human
Residence: Falconcrest

OOG-Played By: Mike McComas
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