A south western kingdom of Terath which shares borders with Haven, Falconcrest, Ebrus, and Westerland. Traditionally known for its merchant empire, Akeron is in recovery after a period of zealous and fearful domination by a tyrannical spiritualist known only as The Seer of Akeron. The merchant class and ruling nobility suffered greatly under the violent oppression exercised by those who followed the teachings espoused by The Seer.

Now that the ancient Briseus family has been restored to rule, the merchant traditions which have been the mark and measure of Akeron’s people have returned with great vim.


Important figures

Leader: King Jezal Briseus is a very young monarch, and some have suggested that he is merely a puppet of the Akeronian Closed Council, which governs the majority of kingdom affairs.

The Closed Council: The Closed Council is made up of 5 skilled and influential merchants. Their official role is to act as advisors for the King, and assist him in the ruling of the nation. Some would suggest that it is the Council that rules Akeron. The members of the Closed Council are Lord dan Sult, Lord Philar, Lady Kaspa, and Lord Tamus Star.

The Open Council: The Open Council is an unofficial forum where the merchants of Akeron can gather to voice concerns and air grievances. There is typically one member of the Closed Council in attendance and answer questions and take important issues to the King.

Former Leader: The Seer of Akeron. A tyrannical Necromancer who seized control of Akeron for a short handful of years. It is known that he offered promises immortality to any which were able to successfully adhere to his leadership, and follow his strict and brutal laws. Rumors claim that The Seer was slain in September of 212 at the hands of Adventurers from the Kingdom of Falconcrest.

The Sons of Akeron: An influential group which was key in deposing The Seer. The Sons of Akeron were comprised mostly of the former aristocracy as well as those whose families have been destroyed by the forces of the Seer of Akeron, though have also come under criticism for practices which are patriarchal at best, and misogynistic at worst. In following with the closed-minded military practices of Ebrus, no women have been allowed into positions of authority within the Sons of Akeron. This blemish on their record set aside, the Sons of Akeron have done a great deal to improve the conditions of people living in all corners of the kingdom.

Domestic products

Luxury products, manufactured goods, worked silver, fine clothes, sugar.

Akeron’s wealth is built on a foundation of controlling both import and export trade across Terath, but this mercantile structure suffered when The Seer of Akeron took power. Since the return of the Briseus family after the defeat of The Seer in 212 PB, the wealth of Akeron has begun to grow again, though the great hordes of gold which it once possessed have been greatly diminished. The kingdom is now in possession of less than half of the wealth it had before Draconic Domination of Terath, and yet still ranks as the wealthiest kingdom in Terath. Even after the period of tyrannical rule beneath The Seer, the greatest artisans and craftsmen in Terath can still most often be found plying their trades in Akeron.

Relations with other nations

Akeron is known to have close ties with both Ebrus and Myzentius.

The Akeronian Council has expressed great displeasure with The Kingdom of Falconcrest however, for even though Falconcrest was instrumental in removing The Seer from power, it was during this struggle that King Aleric Falconcrest claimed a massive region of territory which had long been considered part of Akeron. As a result, tensions between the two kingdoms are high.

Brief known history

When the Dragons came and set fire to Briseus City, the capital of Akeron, the kingdom was already ripe for revolt. At the time, there was no kingdom with greater wealth, and yet no kingdom with a more massive divide between the wealthy and the impoverished. Heavy taxes and class separation kept the poor enslaved to the merchant class, and it was not uncommon for poor commoners to starve in labor camps while merchants and lords lived in splendor. The Seer arrived on the tail of the draconic assault, just in time to make use of the unrest which had been growing all throughout the kingdom.

Queen Elizabet Briseus was the ruler of Akeron when the Draconic Domination of Terath occured, and it is believed that she and nearly all of those who would have been her heirs were slain when the dragons attacked the Akeronian Capital City. The Briseus bloodline has been restored to rule and have promised to improve conditions, but the common people seem to be greeting this news with caution and a fair amount of hesitation.

5 things you should know

1. The balance of shifting power on the Closed Council is one of the primary factors which holds the attention of the Akeronian Court. Lord Icosial oversees most of the judicial and logistical functions of the Kingdom, while Lord dan Sult manages the collection of taxes and the appointment of titles. Lady Kaspa is essentially the royal chancellor, acting as the liaison to the Open Council. Meanwhile, the heart-breaking passing of the much beloved Lord Steward Bort Bitterbeer in 224 PB has left an empty seat on the Closed Council, which has since been the cause for much political maneuvering.

2. It is possible to purchase a noble title in the kingdom of Akeron, though one must first be a land-owner with a sizable estate. Those who hold noble title must also pay a sizable annual fee to the royal treasury if they wish to hold a seat on the Open Council.

3. An organization known as The Banking House of Caulder and Scale has recently gained significant influence in Akeron. Although they are primarily a banking company, this organization has been known to hire adventurers and mercenaries to further their interests in many places throughout Terath.

4. Lord Philar is a Vampire Lord who originally came from Lairroth, where he is rumored to have spent centuries mastering his knowledge of economics and merchanting. His presence on The Closed Council is a source of considerable tension, as the common folk wonder if he is somehow using dark powers to manipulate kingdom politics.

5. Artisans and Craftsmen of all kinds often travel to Akeron to find mentors or patrons for their craft.