From: Myzra

To: Mosenwrath
A History of Lairroth


Perhaps a general overview is in order. To put it in a very basic terms, what has happened since the time of the Original Falconreach from my own understanding is this: King Aleric Falconcrest asked that those of Falconreach to move in helping to reclaim the wilderness left from the devastation of the plagues through resettlement. They established the town of Port Valor which was governed by Baron and Baroness Stark. When they divorced, Baroness Stark took on her maiden name and continued to rule as Baroness Mehta. After a time the adventurers were asked to resettle again and formed another town known as Westgate. Leadership of that area was taken by Mayor Korvinri Kethavel. During the time of Westgate, a great evil known as the World Eater, La’Ghoul, attacked Lairroth and began to drain it of all life and magic. Time itself stopped for many as the land was turned into a lifeless husk. Those of Westgate travelled through a portal to the land known as Kith’Minos which was ruled by creatures who called themselves Fairy. Time passed differently in Kith’minos than in the world of Cyrilla and thus many years had passed. From there they were able to gather powerful casters, including the Golden Dragon Thalomere, and were able travel backward in time where the heroes of Westgate fought and defeated La’Ghoul. As the battle was temporally displaced, when they emerged into Lairroth once more a full 200 years had passed without them, though some individuals had remained “frozen” in time. The Heartlands was in chaos and without a leader, Calien was ruled by Vampire Merchants, Nadrak was now ruled by steward Talon Duhann, The Gladelands had no leadership as King Oberon and Queen Titania were missing, Moradrim continued under the leadership of Warlords and much of Il’lithoria was lost.

Those who remained of the Heroes of Westgate adventured for a time until they established the Inn of the Crossroads. Many of them sought a way to return to the home they once knew and eventually found a strange portal. Most of them disappeared and their fate is unknown to me. After a time, King Sevyn Falconcrest, son of King Aleric Falconcrest emerged and reclaimed the leadership of the Heartlands. Shortly after that, Xaria the Plaguebringer organized the Barbarians of Moradrim in an effort to ursurp Calien. Forces of the Heartlands were able to assassinate the Barbarian leader and eventually their ranks were disbanded. Order was returned to the land for a time until the reemergence of the Arch Lich Tal Sigor, whom you may remember as the individual from whom King Alaric Falconcrest once attempted to reclaim some of his former territory before the time of the plagues. Over time, Arch Lich Tal Sigor organized the Kingdom of the Night and attempted to seize control of Lairroth. The event known as theDark War took place in the capital city of Nadrak, at the time renamed to Duhann in honor of former Steward- General Talon Duhann, where the armies of the Heartlands, Nadrak and various other nations battled against Arch Lich Tal Sigor, Xaria, Demon Prince Gabroloch and King Mendex. During this time Nadrak was also caught in a civil war which would eventually lead to their reformation as a Militocracy. After battling for many months, a ritual was performed that sealed the battle within a giant black sphere affectionately referred to as “The Bubble”. During the time of reprieve, the Ice Wall of northern Moradrim collapsed and beings known as the Forsaken emerged. They are also called dopplegangers and are able to mimic the appearance and abilities of other beings. Many of them migrated to Terath almost immediately to deal with their own agenda. It was also during this time when a contingent of heroes was sent to retrieve King Aleric Falconcrest from magical imprisonment. Months later when the magical sphere dropped, an epic battle was waged that included the Dragons of the Empire of the Drake. Thalomere cast a powerful ritual over Lairroth which would limit the abilities one was able to use of their power. In the end, Xaria was able to escape and also migrated to Terath, Dulcimere Mendex disappeared and his whereabouts are now unknown, the others were defeated.

Thalomere’s ritual caused most people of great power the need to migrate to Terath. To accommodate a mass migration, many portals were created all over Lairroth, mostly in the capitals and major cities. In Terath, the entire continent is governed by a single ruler and the kingdoms are each known as their respective Barony. A portion of the Queen’s lands (now ruled by High Baron Kajorelle since her untimely death in a war with the Forsaken) was given to each of the major nations as seed territory. King Sevyn Falconcrest remained in Lairroth to rule the Heartlands and King Aleric Falconcrest became known as Baron Falconcrest of the Falconcrest Barony. The adventurers were given use of their own keep far to the south of the Falconcrest Barony which has been named North Watchtower Keep. Since the time of the migration, the town of the Crossroads was razed and new territory has since been claimed by what adventurers in the creation of the town of Falconcrest, named by King Sevyn Falconcrest in honor of his Father. Thus far there is a tavern which is owned and operated by Bort Bitter, who has been named a titled Lord of the Barony of Akeron in Terath as an heir of Count Sinclaire. Lord Bitterbeer also owns the tavern in North Watchtower Keep. Beyond that we are currently organizing positions of leadership in both locations.

Those with whom you may be familiar tend to reside in Terath. Though I am unaware of their current locations, still alive somewhere are Sir Xefrom Venai, Wizard Daryoon Anairo, Lord Varex, Prelate Venton Telamon and Sir MuTt. There may very well be more, but those are whom I am personally aware of.

Myzra Neh’lar Galena