The Golden Scroll

February 220 PB – Winterfest Edition

By Zyra Goldenmane

War with the Arch Lich Tal Sigor

The ArchLich Tal Sigor, also known as the Father of Night, who had
reigned terror on Lairroth long before even the years of PB started
counting, was brought back to Cyrillia in 218 PB through the use of story
book magic and potentially a Phylactery that had once belonged to him.
For a time he was banished to a place known as the Old Continent, but in
August of 219 PB his presence was felt once more in Terath as his
followers, recognizable by the red armbands they wore, launched a
series of attacks against various kingdoms and groups in Terath. For the
most part these attacks were rebuffed, but casualties did occur, and
resources better saved were spent.
The Adventurers of Northwatch discovered Tal Sigor’s first target,
beyond these attacks, to be the Kingdom of the Night and Nos Talanos.
This information was used to formulate a plan and bait a trap. Allies of
Northwatch were gathered, and the plans and preparation came to
fruition on the second to last weekend of August 219 PB. Tal Sigor fell
for the trap, and in the end was defeated, but despite the fact that he was
so swiftly driven back, those who say he was and is no real threat are
glossing over the high cost it took to defeat the ArchLich. Many lives
were sacrificed in the battles that ensued. Prince Eric of Falconcrest
almost stayed a final corpse in order to save King Gilrandir, hundreds of
soldiers from Ebrus were slain and raised as undead, Xefrom Greymoore
was lost through a portal and remains missing, Avric Silvermoon was
killed and his essence trapped in a mysterious black orb, powerful
Wizards from the Rhouman Guard were slain and taken over, even the
undead Dragon was dominated by Tal Sigor. All this blood was paid, and
Tal Sigor, though greatly weakened, managed to escape with his unlife
and a sliver of his ancient power still in tact.

A Old Power, New Demon

Winterfest of 219 PB found the Adventurers of Northwatch trapped in the
Nightmare Realm, fighting against Deimos, Lord of Fear, Demon of the
Nightmare Realm. This trapping of the Adventurers was accomplished
by one Svargus Baldr, who had been under the control of Deimos for an
unknown, but extended period of time. He had pursued the role of Hand
of the King, and when Prince Eric was named instead, left distraught,
only to return with the item that he activated to trap all those present in
the Nightmare Realm.
Some few other fights and encounters with Deimos had occurred
previously, each indirect, but this transportation of the Adventurers into
the Nightmare Realm turned into an all out, direct, fight against Deimos’s
lieutenants and Deimos himself. The cost of the fights was great, but
Deimos was eventually defeated. Leaf trapped Deimos’s power in a
special box, then decided to open the box and absorb the power. Reshi
was unable to stop him, and was lost in the attempt. Leaf is now either a
new Demon with Deimos’s power, or is Deimos in control of Leaf’s body.
Since that time Leaf has been working to slowly consolidate the power he
has, and fully absorb Deimos’s power. He has been collecting allies, and
pools of Dream Magic, often using fearsome Gargoyles to do his bidding.
It is believe he may even have the dream witch Imogen enslaved under
his control, and the Herald of the Dreamer known as Sandman has
shown himself to be helping Leaf in his endeavours, despite helping the
Adventurers of Northwatch against Deimos claiming he didn’t like other’s
claiming his brother, Nightmare’s, territory as their own.
It should also be noted that through the journey in the Nightmare Realm,
Svargus was rescued from Deimos’s control and seemed to regret what
he had done as if it was against his control or as if it had been done in an
effort to escape what he thought was a nightmare.

A Cult of Fire

Early on in the year 219 PB a Mystery Cult of Hadrianus was discovered
attempting to cast a ritual by the Adventurers of Northwatch. This cult
revealed itself to be a Cult of Hephaestion. Many know of Hephaestion,
Herald to Typhon the Father of Monsters, a mountainous being of molten
rock and fire who was defeated during Typhon’s invasion, and some say
banished to the Faded Realm. The Cult of Hephaestion wishes to bring
this Herald back to Cyrillia, and feel doing so would help balance the
magic of Cyrillia, and have attempted at least once to cast a powerful
ritual to do so. However, even if this is true, is it worth bringing the
destructive mountain back?

Darkness following the Winds of Change

The Winds of Change are a periodic changing of the magics in Cyrillia,
always accompanied by a gale or breeze. In the April of 219 PB the
Winds of Change once more swept over the lands, but this time they
were followed by a dark twisting of Mystic Magic. Since this change,
spells of Force Restore Spirit take longer to cast, at first becoming as
hard to cast as innate spell casting, and those healed from bleeding on
the ground are usually dazed for a short time. In June of the same year,
Mystic Magic became even more difficult to cast, Force Restores taking
twice as long, a full uninterrupted ten count. This increase coincided with
the appearance of one Magus Arcetiomas who has been playing with
Amethyst, and his summoning of a mysterious entity or place to cast a
spell, indicating Amethyst or the knowledge of it might be related in some
form. It is unknown if these effects will continue to worsen, or if there is a
way to reverse them.

The Ruins of Karrazak

An earthquake in mid 218 PB rerouted a large tributary of the Adwine River called Phlegethon, and revealed some ruins which the Head
Archaeologist of Falconcrest requested the Adventurers of Northwatch to explore. These ruins revealed themselves to be full of sentient blue skinned
goblins, the most powerful of which had glowing orange eyes, and to have once been a great Dwarven home, with a powerful forge in the base. This
forge had somehow changed the goblins to sentience. The Ruins were called Karrazak, and in the end were destroyed after much deliberation. The
decision finalized after the delayed death of the Head Archeologist, Rodrick Dreth, caused by something the goblins did to him after capturing the
archeologists for a time. Other unsavory acts were discovered before the destruction of the ruins, including the creation of abominations using
kidnapped local villagers. Karrazak’s violent destruction resulted in the goblins turning to dust, however, some of their creations, the people twisted
with strange magics to become long limbed beasts, survived the destruction and ran off. What has happened to these beings remains unknown.

Critter Corner – Gargoyles

Gargoyles are abyssal creatures of rock and fire known to help demons
pursue their goals. Currently Gargoyles are often spotted around dream
pools collecting the magical energy to give to the newer demon Leaf.
These creatures are extremely difficult to kill, and can heal themselves by
turning into an invulnerable stone state for a short period of time. They
typically attack with their claws, but can also cast necromantic spells.
Immune to: Cleanse
Healed by: Stone, Fire
Finished off by: Silver, Ice

T&T Mercantile Exchange

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– Your Essential Colleague
Commerce / Investment / Manufacture / Public Relations
Contact either in Person or Pigeon
Discretion as Desired or Requested
Master Tar’Quin Precious
Co-Proprietor & NorthWatch Resident

Barbarian Politics

The year 219 PB found Hadrianus to be a hot topic. First was the
announcement of a call for a Great Moot to be had between the five great
clans of Hadrianus in order to select the next King or Queen of the
Barbarian Kingdom. Only months later, news from Akeron came that
there had been a brutal and violent raid on a vault belonging to Caulder &
Scale in Akeron’s capital city Briseus. Investigation pointed to the Night
Wolf Clan of Hadrianus as the culprits of the raid. Those of Akeron
called for all the barbarians to be rounded up and evicted from their land.
Unfortunately the decision led to the Barbarians being shackled on boats
that thought to dump them off in Haven, across the Bay of Hope. When
met with a blockade, the Akeronian vessels threw their captives
overboard, many drowning in the depths. It is strongly rumored that one
Counsellor Orso of Ebrus pushed this shoving of the captives overboard.
Despite the Tragedy in the Bay of Hope, the King’s Moot is still under
way, each of the five great clans having picked their feats to accomplish.
However, it is rumored there is a contender, favored by the people of
Hadrianus, but not in the five clans, who would be a much better fit as
King than any of the other contenders. Ragnar Tallcastle, master
SpellBlade, shows signs of being a great leader. Truly caring for his
people, and bringing ideas that would reduce the bloodshed and greatly
increase the fame, glory, and honor of the Barbarians of Hadrianus, the
only reason Ragnar isn’t being considered for the position is due to the
misfortune of not being of the Great Clans. If one seeks for a truly fit
King for Hadrianus, they should see what they can do to help Ragnar rise
to the position.

Darkness in the Order of Light

Despite being known as a force for good for many years, darkness was
discovered in the most unexpected place late in the year 219 PB. The
first to arrive on site, the Order of Light rushed to the rescue of the near
drowned that managed to survive the Tragedy in the Bay of Hope, when
way too many Barbarians were thrown overboard by the people of
Akeron, still chained. The quick ministrations of the Order of Light led to
those surviving having sanctuary and healing available, when otherwise
they would have been lost. Unfortunately, only a short time after the
Order showed to help, Barbarians started to disappear. At first it was just
assumed they were leaving, but then a corpse was found, drained and
hardly recognizable. The Adventurers of Northwatch were called upon to
seek out the source of the death, what was thought to be a vampire, or
possibly a large spider. However, what was discovered was much more
sinister. Master Goodhearth, leader of the Order of Light was found,
behind a barrier, with several corpses of some of the missing Barbarians,
being used in experimentation. He claimed this was to further the study
of Life, and the Barbarians had served more good by dying than being
helped to live, but the angry spirits surrounding the area were evidence
that none of their deaths were voluntary. In the end, Master Goodhearth
took a death poison, and his spirit left to the Spirit Isle. Grief was in no
short supply at the discovery, and a new master has yet to be announced
to the world, but as all evidence points to him working alone, the Order
will continue in the Light, the darkness banished.

The Void and M’Reg

Lairroth had recently found itself suffering from an infestation by a frog-like creature known as the M’Reg. The M’Reg were from a place called the
Void, and came in through a rift into Vrogosh, bringing with them Void magic. The Void is a place of chaos and madness, and the associated magic
is the same. The Heartlands lead the initiative against the M’Reg, and in the end the Adventurers of Northwatch and the Heartlands forces were able
to banish the M’Reg back to the void, sealing the Void off for the time being. Some stragglers may remain, but the majority retreated when their
White King was slain and the Void Rifts were closed.

Noble Visits to Northwatch

Being a well known Adventuring Town, Northwatch is often visited by
nobility from all over Terrath, although most visits are from the local
Falconcrest nobility. Listed here are some of the nobility who visit
Northwatch at least somewhat often.
Falconcrest Nobility:
King Gilrandir Galathule: Often simply known as King Gil, King Galathule
is the king of Falconcrest. King Gil is well known for being a White
Knight king with a strong belief in the code of the Lightwalker, which is
evident in many of the laws of the Kingdom of Falconcrest.
Prince Eric: Prince Eric was named Hand of the King by King Galathule
at Winterfest 219 PB. Grandson of King Aleric Falconcrest, Prince
Eric is also known as a White Knight, and has already shown great
loyalty and dedication to Falconcrest in the year he’s held the position.
Lord Orrin Tycho: Lord Orrin Tycho was recently made a lord over the
lands that include Northwatch. He is a former adventurer and a
powerful Spiritualist.
Nodagog Flameblade: Although not strictly royalty, this Orc is Prince
Eric’s right hand and a great contact when reaching out to the White
Knight himself isn’t easily accomplished.
Other Nobility that often visits Northwatch:
King Vol of Haven: King of Haven and leader of the Wizards of the
Rhouman Guard, this Xelaque Wizard is well known for his cunning
intellect and a friendly disposition.
Lord Wizard Vor Barra: Wizard Vor Barra is lord over a portion of land in
Ebrus, near the Ruins of Ku’Vahl. He is known as second in the
Wizards of the Rhouman Guard, although it could be argued he
focuses more time there than the technical leader King Vol, who’s
attention is split between ruling his lands and the Rhouman Guard.
Nos Talanos: Leader of the undead Kingdom of the Night based in
Ku’Vahl, Nos Talanos seems to strive to keep a respect for the living in
his courts, and works closely with who could be referred to as his
second half, Talon Du’Han to keep the peace.

An End to the Arbor Crusade

A few years ago a greater Fey known as Riharri came to Northwatch to
ask for their help. Her home had become corrupted by an extreme
amount of necromancy and a group often simply called the Crusade had
taken over and were forcing their oppressive reign on all those in her
land. The Crusaders were extremists and Zealots who believed all
non-human races were an abomination to be cleansed, almost all
frivolous activity (especially the arts) was a crime, and spirits could be
used as an energy source.
Riharri was unable to send those of Northwatch to her home, a place
called the Arbor Isles, in their bodies, but was able to send their ghosts
through a small portal. It is unknown where this land is, whether it was a
different plane, world, or just an undiscovered set of islands, but it
became quickly obvious that the necromancy there was free of Abyssal
Riharri’s request was simple, free her siblings, a group of fey heralds,
and help them return to normal, as they were all made into statues
through some strange magic. Throughout the course of the following few
years a group of adventurers from Northwatch worked to slowly gather
Riharri’s siblings, and in the end all were rescued, however, some
evidence had been found that they did not make the best rulers of the
world either.
In the end a powerful child was able to use her power to restore the fey
heralds, but at a lesser power and under restrictions to not destroy the
people on their land. This powerful child also managed to balance the
mystic and necromantic energy of the Arbor Isles, banish the undead,
and turn Bannor into a stuffed dragon. The adventurers returned to
Terath, bringing a sort of dragon, known as the Serpent, with them to
dwell for a time in Dragonheld, and the Crusade was dismantled, though
their leader has yet to be found.

Chaos in Lairroth

Although the scourge of the M’Reg has been pushed back from Lairroth,
the continent is far from peaceful. One known as LaFayette had been
moving to gain control of the entirety of the continent while the M’Reg
were present, and it was believed the M’Reg may have been one of the
few things in his way of achieving this goal. Even with the M’Reg
banished, peace is still not fully settled in the northern continent, although
it is also unclear if LayFayette is still as prevalent as he had been,
especially as one of the moves made against the M’Reg also dampened
his power. Other possible rumors are that Tal Sigor may have retreated
to this continent to recover his strength after his devastating defeat,
however, he could just as easily be in the Old Continent.

Looking To Get Conquered?

Are you tired of living in a kingdom that hasn’t been conquered by one of
the Great Clans of Hadrianus? Are you interested in being forced out of
your home and into an Iron Collar? If the answer is yes, then just sit back
and relax, and you’ll be living in chains as a captured Thrall before you
know it. On the other hand, if freedom, exploration, or fearless heroics
are more to your liking, then ACT NOW by supporting Ragnar TallCastle
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