The Golden Scroll

Summer 220 PB

By Zyra Goldenmane

Shield of Spring

Early in April a group of Northwatch Adventurers went on a quest thought to be solely for information on the possible location of the Shield of Spring, and came back with much more than was expected.  Moss took the group to a mountainous region, in which some old ruins were found.  Boji and Rhella, who were both there and carrying the Hammer of Fall and Sword of Summer respectively, found their seasonal weapons vibrating in the ruins, and a secret passage was found.  Passing through the hidden way and the following tunnels the group of adventurers discovered a forge, one where the seasonal weapons, or at least one of them, had previously been forged.  The magic of the forge and the weapons currently present sparked and, through a swirl of magical creation, and a sacrifice of power from the currently whole weapons, the Shield of Spring, as well as the Axe of Winter were forged!  The Shield of Spring went to the one who had been searching for it, Jovi, and the Axe went to Gray as sheriff of Northwatch.

A Shadowy Gargoyle

A shadowy figure, with wings like that of a gargoyle, started showing up around Terath, terrorizing many, and even killing some.  When it would attack it often would say something along the lines of “regards from Northwatch”.  However, this was a farce, as Northwatch did not send it, and in fact got attacked by it at least a couple of times.  This gargoyle seemed to know many secrets though, and even spread the names of some secret members of the House of Cards.  Eventually this creature was cornered though, in the Dream Realm by some adventurers from Northwatch who were working to stop an attack on one of the Ashen Cloth’s vaults.  A tough fight was fought, and the shadow gargoyle creature was brought down, but it dissipated much like a lich, likely returning to regenerate, and likely not seen for the last time.  While it was downed, however, what exactly it is was discovered.  This creature was some amalgamation, created by Leaf Lightfoot using Reshi in some form and a strong Gargoyle.

Feats of the Clans

The King’s Moot in Hadrianus is far underway, and Clan Nightwolf is taking the lead, having claimed victory in both the Feat of Defense and Feat of Cunning in one fell swoop, luring enemies of Hadrianus into a trap and defeating them.  It remains to be seen if the other competitors in the Moot will also claim victories in time to rival Clan Nightwolf.

A Shrine’s Prophecy

The following is a prophecy was given by the Wandering Shrine Wish.  

Three minds with one eye. When the rattlesnakes unfold, they twine their spines up slowly towards the boiling sun.” 

  • Wish, June 220 PB

If anyone has insight they want to share on this prophecy they should reach out to Northwatch with what they have, or Zyra Goldenmane directly.

Albion’s Amethyst Betrayal

For a few years now Albion May has been asking Northwatch for aid investigating and fixing a Crystal Sanctum created and left behind by one Magus Arcetiomas, partially in the hopes of discovering what happened to the mage.  This investigation eventually led the adventurers to explore a section of the sanctum called the Amethyst Grove, in which Magus Arcetiomas actually showed up.  When he visited the grove he cast a ritual, and at the same time Mystic Magic became harder to cast.  Because of this, when Albion May came to Northwatch a while later asking Northwatch to help him destroy some Eldritch Anchors he claimed Magus Arcetiomas was using to access stored magical energy, especially as Amethyst Golems were seen near these, Northwatch readily agreed.  There were three of these anchors, and two were destroyed, but when the third was being destroyed Albion’s mask slipped a bit and it was discovered the anchors were locks to keep something trapped in the Faded Realm, not the conduits to power he had claimed they were.  Null Magic Amethyst also started appearing, a tool of Magus Arcetiomas and something known to be a danger.  The destruction of the anchor was halted, but enough damage had been done to it that what had been locked in the Faded Realm is now flickering in and out of Ku’Vahl.  It turns out that the stuff locked away were buildings and information on Amethyst, locked away during the fall of Ku’Vahl.

The Edge of The Broken Mirror

“The Edge of The Broken Mirror

The fragments are hidden in the memory of a splintered reflection holds the key.

They watched North, and chose to be blind to the secrets of the shards. Blind they chose to be to the Forge Fire and the Amethyst.

Their eyes were drawn to the Wand and the Weave, and now Invlatius Isle sways in the wind of that lofty decision.

Yet even the old jailor might not have cursed them for they watched North, and they stood against the Dark Decree. They were mighty, and sacrificed much.

No longer shall the Iron Dagger build his empire unopposed as he seeks to claim what has been beyond his reach since the shattering of old.

But the questions linger. What of the raven wings & the power of the old person? What now of the Guardians and their broken council?

The Scion of the forgotten enemy shall rise and leave crystalline splinters in his wake.

As memories Fade, the scion of the forgotten enemy shall claim the forged, drinking deeply from the eyes of a twisting vortex of eldritch stone and elven wine.

And should the North sell to find guidance from those glimmering splinters, they will discover no shortage of opportunities.

He waits about frozen stone towers where the giants once roamed.

He waits hidden in the sealed realm beneath what was once named for the eightfold queen.

He waits, imperially locked behind a mountainous barrier.

He waits in ruins lost and long sundered by the black-scaled king’s wrath.

Within the edges of that broken mirror, they will find the reflection of a War Wizard, grim & fearful.

Yet in those mirrored fragments, from the dying breath of the father of a golden dragon, they may also find a path forward.

And with either dread, greed, or glory as their ally, the door will open to those who watch north.”

  • Sibella, November 219 PB

If anyone has insight they want to share on this prophecy they should reach out to Northwatch with what they have, or Zyra Goldenmane directly.

Snake Eyes and Wish the Shrine

A group of people with snake-like eyes have started showing up in Ku’Vahl, and they seem intent on destroying the Wandering Shrine known as Wish.  This shrine was created by Northwatch, and has a sentience and power they have been nurturing.  The snake eyed people seem to know something unknown to the Northwatch adventurers though, as they seem to see Wish as a major threat and have been working to destroy the Shrine.  They have even gone so far as to attempt multiple rituals to this end, to little effect.  These people also may have connections to some great alchemy artificer as they have used a poison that was more difficult to cure, and longer lasting, than most known poisons.  Could they be connected to Albion May who is in Ku’Vahl searching through buildings fading in and out, or could they themselves have some venom of terrifying potency?

To Rescue a Dream Witch

For some time now Leaf Lightfoot has been sending gargoyles to collect dream magic for some unknown purpose.  After much investigation it was discovered that he was using the Dream Witch Imogen as a conduit to get the magic collected to him, and her location was pinpointed.  The Ashen Cloth called on the adventurers of Northwatch to help in her rescue, and they were successful; however, when she was found she was in a magical sleep that was not easily broken.  The Sandman decided to take this opportunity to appear and offer his aid in exchange for a few dreams from those present.  With no other ideas readily available the deal was struck and Imogen was freed through the dream realm.

Faded Buildings and Lost Knowledge

According to a shard of War Wizard Herromere’s memories, when Ku’Vahl fell to the Vallahorien’s wraith, it was in part due to the study of Amethyst that was being done there, and during the destruction buildings and knowledge related to the purple crystal were trapped in the Faded Realm.  Northwatch further discovered that these were kept locked away by Eldritch Anchors, all but part of one of which were destroyed thanks to the trickery of Albion May.  Since then buildings have been seen flickering in and out of existence in Ku’Vahl, and it is believed that Albion might be in them, possibly searching for the lost knowledge hidden within.

Gate Stones and Fairies

Through quests for runic knowledge it was discovered that there is a set of large stones, boulders even, spread throughout the land and covered in runes.  These stones can be quite dangerous as one that was discovered was seeping Necromancy, but it is believed that when gathered together they will form a gate to a trapped village.  This village was trapped by a group of fairies and it may be possible to save them if all the stones are collected.