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    OOG Note : The “XX” Icon designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters.

    I feel there might have been some excitement in town on the 13th, not sure if there was enough to warrant this summary though, but thought it wouldn’t hurt. Personally I missed a bunch of the excitement as I had to take care of a small fire in the Hall of the Dark Star, and part of my posting this is in the hopes that others will take the opportunity to fill in what I missed.

    Personally the things of some possible import I witnessed were:

    • A wake was set up for Reshi by Malestrazza (although I didn’t get to hear any speeches to him I assume some happened after I left)
    • One Jim Mcgregor came to town to hire the town for something later this month.  I didn’t get all the details but it sounds like a hunt of some sort.
    • Talon Du’Han who was a general of Nadrak but has been trapped in the Nightmare realm for a long enough period of time that his former home is no longer familiar, showed up.  We had helped him get out of the Nightmare Realm over Winterfest.

    I missed anything else that happened but Rigel kindly took some notes for me indicating King Vol was in town and was talking about a plague from the old continent.  If anyone has more information on anything important or note worthy that happened this night I would love to hear about it.

    -Zyra Goldenmane

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    I told WarMaster Du’Han that he should join up with Ragnar TallCastle, and lend his support towards helping Ragnar become the next King of Hadrianus.

    Plus I think that we learned that Wizard Anairo still has the Wand of The SpellWeaver, and that he will give it to Wizard Xisteau soon.

    I should also mention that I offered to cast the “Mechanical Mind” ritual upon Artificers in Northwatch. It will make you better at Artifice research.

    Also, Malacus Sprocket came into Northwatch to work with Rin, probably since she is basically the best Tinkering Artificer who has ever lived. Also she is keen-eyed, sharp-witted, and smells nice (certainly, compared to me, at least).

    Bannor of Harrowheim



    Jim Mcgregor set up a potential contract with the Mercenary guild for later this month. I believe Commander Gray plans on taking the contract. You can reach out to Commander Gray if you would like to learn more.

    Wizard Camilla

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