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    OOG Note : The “XX” Icon designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters.
    Exception: Daryoon, Avric

    In my recent trips to the Citadel library I came across a booklet of prophecy. Most of them were ridiculous and not even worth mention; but there were two that caught my eye that I thought I should share with the town.

    “The Sky beneath the Sky. A watcher of the sleepers. A creature of the deep places. A leader amongst the scaled folk. The Sky may whisper and unite.

    The Reborn. Black Fire and Ancient Breath. Broken Chains and Scorched Shadow. Transformed. But Vessel or Voice? Only time will tell.

    Stone and Steel. The Progeny of the Forge. The scions of the ruined city. The First, Faded into Legend, yet still within reach. Reclaimed, Renewed, or Repurposed?

    Scales of White, Pale and Smooth. Fangs of Alabaster mark the path. A barrier to the key; the key to the barrier.

    Pure and Clean, once long ago. Elevated. Chosen. Twisted and Changed, once long ago.
    Transformed. Hardened. The Dragon Hoards, The Demon Hungers, but the sleeper dreams of home.

    The Seventh of The Seven. The Seven. Godfrey Knew. He planned. He prepared. And then he was Forsaken.
    These seven tools are unfettered. Their destinies unforged. How much of the rest is unwritten?”

    “Shall the Night be broken? Not from a breaking dawn, but of cracking black sky. A darkness where the glorious stars are stained crimson. From dominion and pride. From a great return. An iron dagger with an oaken handle.

    Shall the Blood run foul? The Blood once was cool with patience and sweet with age shall mingle with darker powers. That which once was a keen edge shall become a twisted hammer.

    The darkness obscures, and the paths ahead remain unclear. Shall they bathe within the Black Wells? Shall the balancing scales of darkness and light shudder and break beneath the weight of a winged co-“ at this point the page was torn away…

    My initials thoughts are that one pertains to the Pale Ones and the other pertains to Nos Talinos; but I am not completely sure. Any insight you guys may have would be wonderful.

    Sibella R.E. Listrotov

    IG: Sibella R.E. Listrotov
    OOG: Chelsea Baldwin

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    Marley Sage

    Starting to dig into this and hope to reply more thoroughly soon. Here are the things that jumped out to me. Sibella, please, I think we should open this up to more retired people. Xefrom, Nameless, and Sonya at least. They are all known to be good at puzzling out prophecies and skilled scholars.

    Do we think these prophecies have already come to pass or lay in the future?

    The Sky Beneath The Sky – Ambassador Ssky, the troglodyte servant of the Pale Ones

    The Reborn – the semi-dragon Xukkuth.

    Scales of White – the dragon sometimes called Whitefang

    Didn’t Northwatch follow “Godfrey’s Path” in the lead up to the Pale War that involved gathering some items


    Twisted Hammer is a term used to refer to Nos Talonis.

    Could the winged thing being referenced be the dead-dragon that the Kingdom of the Night wields? There’s been a lot of draconic references here.


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