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    Travis Emery

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    There is quite a debate that has been going on for years, and last night it came to bare again as it continues to be an issue. I personally hate hearing the topic come up again and again so I would like to pose an offer that we as adventurers could and should follow.

    The topic itself involves following the laws based off of each location we happen to be in, rather then following a single guideline regardless of where we are.

    After talking to a few citizens and non-citizens alike it does seem everyone can agree that following a set of rules while adventuring together will alleviate a lot of conflicts that we shouldn’t need to focus on all the time. My proposal is the following;

    “If as an adventurer you are choosing to live with us, travel with us, and/or accept jobs that people come to us for, then you also choose to follow the rules that we put into place to follow as an adventuring group (it was suggested to use the laws of FalconCrest as a base guideline).

    As an adventuring troupe we acknowledge that there will be some situations that arise that fall outside of ‘normal’ boundaries and may require extreme actions. These actions will handled on a case-by-case basis and may be deemed exempt from this. If you choose to abuse this clause by forcing decisions to be made hastily without full information given, or simply choose to do previously stated actions that are not acceptable, then you choose to be held fully accountable for your actions as per the laws we have agreed to.

    This is agreed upon assuming the ‘adventures’ we undertake as Northwatch have been given to us as a town, and not to an individual or entity outside of normal Northwatch contracts. If so, then we all agree that it may be outside our normal accepted rules, and may or may not require us to follow another lands laws or regulations. However, citizens still agree to hold themselves to the standards of Northwatch even in these cases.

    If you choose to not accept these terms while adventuring with Northwatch, then you choose to forfeit your ability to adventure with Northwatch in the future, as well as forfeiting any monetary gain that is divided among the adventuring troupe.”

    I am open to changes and/or additions to this if needed. I would appreciate any and all feedback from all of you.

    — Sheriff Krowthus Quince of Northwatch

    "You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion."
    -- Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, summer 215

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    Hello Everyone,

    I oppose this measure.  A discussion on bylaws or something of a nature protecting each other from each other would be fine, but I will tackle the topic that triggered most of this discussion, Necromancy.

    There are a great many concerns on the use of this magic, and I can understand them.  There have been instances in the past where utilization of this magic has harmed a great many people and it needs to be handled responsibly, but it is a necessary part of the magic of our world.

    I will stand by the laws of Falconcrest in this great kingdom, but I will not force it on others as we travel.  Enforcing this law would cause every individual that goes to the Arbor Isles to be charged with the use of Necromancy.   It would cause those who reach out and heal our allies that are undead in nature to be fined for healing those such as Averic.

    I would have been executed on two separate occasions due to a ritual that I utilized to disburse two points of intense Necromancy that were being used to bombard our town with a near endless supply of undead.  In both of those cases if we were standing strictly by the laws of Falconcrest I would have had to walk away and let the undead continue to pour onto our lands from the Kingdom of the Night and would have left the Forest of Haven corrupted.

    I have had to do just that with a few Necrotic pools in our lands.  Forcing me to go in to town, gather people, and then burn a dangerous number of Force Restores to cleanse it, frequently at least 10.  Leaving us at a point where people have died or come very close to it, but I stood by the laws.

    Please feel free to discuss this, but I felt it necessary to state my opinion and warn of the dangers of this.

    Thank you,

    Wizard Reginald Manyhome



    Travis Emery

    Reginald, thank you, and let me clarify as I did leave out one critical point that I wish to make clear that in previous post did not address.

    It is not necessarily the laws exactly of FalconCrest that would be followed, but as Bannor said, a set of rules we decide to follow as an adventuring town. The laws of FalconCrest are simply a good base on where to begin to set those rules since we all know, or should know, them all so well already, and for the most part, we all believe and follow anyway.

    I will edit my previous notes to include this.

    — Krow

    "You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion."
    -- Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, summer 215



    My question is this, do we think laws are optional just because we don’t choose to live in a place? If we are in the Queens Lands or Westerland, are we ok with people casting Necro even though it is just as illegal in those places as it is in Falconcrest?

    For me, they are not optional. I will follow the laws of wherever I am. If I don’t like the laws, I won’t go there. Nothing forces us to go places, we choose to.




    Grant M

    Thank you for clarifying that Northwatch should come up with an internal set of rules that we should follow while working in the name of Northwatch.

    While starting based off of Falconcrest is fine, since that is where we are stationed, very little will be followed by Northwatch simply because of the personalities that is attracted by our position in the world. Below are the rules of Northwatch so that people can easily see them along with my comments on them.

    Do note, that this will be a drastic change to have an official written document of what NORTHWATCH should follow as we represent ourselves as a town to the world. Some may very well feel that it shouldn’t be written as we come into contact with such diverse situations and events that we cannot simply cover it with some rules, unless we leave it vague enough to get the intent behind it without following the simple letter of it. Take Reginald’s account concerning Necromancy and how you need Necromancy to cleanse areas of necromancy in some cases. Also, If run into large quantities of Mystic that was as harmful to me and the area as Necromancy was and there is no easy way to cleanse that area outside of Necromancy or a Ritual that is extremely hard to learn, which I dont know if someone in town actually knows at this time (Mystic Dispersal). Short answer, it will be hard to create a set of rules or guidelines that allow flexibility because of so many cases or events that we encounter that needs to be done. We also need to think of punishments of breaking rules if we go this route. Like, are we going to have a fine that goes towards town funds; or do we kick them out of town. We cant do anything like execution without getting a third party involved(like a Kingdom).

    Rules of Falconcrest:

    1. Pursuing or performing an act of war against the subjects of The Kingdom of Falconcrest. Punishable by death or worse.
      • I dont feel like this is necessary unless we feel like we need to state that someone performing war against NORTHWATCH will result in Northwatch fighting back.
    2. Summoning up or bring to bear those powers which are Abyssal in nature, or possessing items of Abyssal nature. Punishable by death or worse.
      • No knowingly use of Abyssal or working with demons, period. If anyone fights against this. I will ensure you do not have a place in town.
    3. Taking the life of any of His Majesty’s subjects except for in direct defense of life or in pursuit of thy honor or rightful duties. Punishable by death or worse.
      • Changing this to purposely killing another town member. This applies to contracts or other reasons. How would we handle this?
    4. The use of necromantic magic, necromantic abilities, necromantic rituals, or necromantic items, including the possession of such items. Punishable by death.
      • This is the gray area that will be most of the focus. Necromancy is a powerful tool, which can corrupt someone because of the strength behind it. But it can be a useful tool, like Reginald mentioned as it can be used to combat itself in some areas.  I feel like this will be where most of the discussion will be focused on.
    5. The giving of offense or slander to those of full Falconcrest noble title, and the slander of military officers above and including the rank of Captain. Punishable by heavy fine or death. While Knights, Guildmasters, Magistrates, and other titled individuals do not carry the protection of this law, the noble who appointed them may take offense at slandering of their names.
      • I do not think we should have this as there are many personalities that are in Northwatch that do clash with people of Title. If this was the case, we would have fines going out whenever someone talks bad about those in positions of powers in any country.
    6. The theft or unlawful acquisition of possessions, including failure to pay tax. Punished by reparation in low multiples of the acquisition’s value, or death when payment is not possible.
      • Stealing from Town members, and funds that we procure should be dealt with and not allowed.
    7. The act of deadly assault. Punishable by heavy fine or death.
      • Northwatch does deadly assault almost on a weekly basis. This should be either removed, or changed drastically because of what we do and represent.
    8. The abduction, acquisition, or ownership of a sentient creature. Punishable by death.
      • No Slavery, Period. But what is a sentient creature? Any that can communicate? Or only Cyclic Creatures? What if a druid can do speak with animal. Does that mean you cannot have pets or anything of the like?

    This is a start of a conversation that can take an extremely long time to settle. But if we go this route, we will need people in positions to make these decisions(like fines and such), similar to the current guild leaders. The issue is that Guild Leaders are running it based on FALCONCREST and not decided by the town itself. If we give a say to town members on guild leaders and it isnt solely decided by Falconcrest and related groups; I can see the guild leaders having more say on this; but honestly there shouldnt be a relation of the two unless otherwise swayed.

    NOTE: Personally I do not feel that we should go this route and have a set of written rules for Northwatch.

    -Alderman Valeron Avarici

    Grant M, Player Emissary
    Please see my profile for contact information
    Valeron Avarici, Human, Merchant Guild Leader
    Kovac Baford, Elentari, Member of Brotherhood of the Dark Star
    If you need help coding your signature, please ask me

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    Marley Sage

    I’d prefer to keep things more informal. More relationship based. We’re a small band, let’s just make clear what our own values are to each other and talk it out. Keep it a conversation that’s ongoing to accommodate the shifting day to day party and context.

    Written out charters disadvantage those who cannot read, read well, or who join us at heroic moments when bureaucracy is off the table. They encourage the textualism of loop-hole seeking, and people arguing about the intent of distant writers.

    Let’s be real. There will always be those among the Adventurers who skirt (sometimes even flaunt!) the laws of the lands we live / adventure in. There will always be those, who are vigilant of crime or ill manner, and who bring personal justice or summon Royal justice to keep such activities tamped down. Personally, I think it takes both types to drive us to the kind of success the stories attributes to our Outpost and it’s spiritual predecessors. They seem to get on fine with gentlefolks agreements. Why can’t we?

    The Sherrif’s job is clear – to enforce the written laws of Falconcrest and encourage them to flourish in our outpost. No more than that, and to ask the Guild Leaders to help draft new behavioral guide or have to enforce that goes way beyond the scope of their already very full jobs.

    Falconcrest is a land foremost of freedom, and I think if we’re going to be true to that ideal we shouldn’t get bogged down in the minutiae. Be good to each other. What values of yours can *I* respect of yours when we’re off on an adventure?

    Because how the world sees us, seems to me to be a part of the drive to agree on how we conduct ourselves out on adventures. If we could agree on some of the values that Northwatch shares, Karu and I could spread songs extolling them! Our tunes are very catchy with the inn crowds.

    In solidarity,



    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Coordinator

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer


    Slayer of Heroes

    For years now, I’ve seen the town of Northwatch struggle to decide whether we’re mercenaries who live in Falconcrest, or Falconcrest mercenaries. To put it very plainly, we’re neither. We have Falconcrest citizens, citizens of other kingdoms, and non-citizens in our midst, and that often makes things very complicated.

    I think it’s best that how we deal with some things, like necromancy, aren’t set in stone, but can be dealt with on a case by case basis. That having been said, certain things should be very clear, and I’d support them being written down. I don’t think I’m best suited for writing all of those things, save one. So here is my draft of what should be written down concerning town members killing one another:

    • Those “adventuring” with the town of Northwatch (that being any situation in which a group of people representing Northwatch are performing an act together, such as collecting a bounty or helping someone in need) will not kill one another, or attempt to do so. Should this occur, a general consensus must be made by the rest of Northwatch on whether or not to allow the offending party to continue to “adventure” with Northwatch. Further action may be taken by the ruling party of the area in which the killing occurred.


    ~ Malestrazza


    Slayer of Heroes

    But honestly, I think Rigel is right. We don’t need to have anything written, we just need to agree on how we deal with certain situations.


    ~ Malestrazza


    Travis Emery


    The problem we keep running into time and again is the “we’re not in falconcrest so I don’t need to follow their laws, and there is no one here that can enforce [insert any place we are] laws, so I can just get away with it.”

    I think this is a horrible mindset, and sure we can report the individual to local authorities, but it has been historical that literally nothing has come from this so the same people continue to do the same thing without consequence. My proposal here is basically that of ‘there are still consequences that exist if you choose to do these things’.


    Exactly. This was in hope to inspire conversation about how exactly we conduct ourselves while adventuring. I agree that some of the laws do not work as worded for adventurers, but can be used a starting baseline for the rules we assign as a group.


    I do see your point, and yes, if we put these “rules” in place, they would have to be worded in such a way that allows each adventurer to continue to be an adventurer, but also minimize the extreme amounts of time we currently spend in debate half way into an adventure because we run into a white mystic barrier that can only be brought down with Force Obliterates or massive amounts of Drain, and half the party is fine just blowing it up and the other half is not (for example). Having these rules saying something like “if a barrier or crossing, that can only be bypassed by the use of necromancy, is present then we permit the use only for this purpose.” Then there is no debate, no hours long conversation about the morality of doing so, etc., and we can move on with the tasks in front of us that often are time sensitive.

    And as sheriff I am not looking to enforce Falconcrest laws outside of Falconcrest, I am however looking to put an end to adventurers coming to blows over misunderstandings, spending countless hours in looping debates, and getting everyone who adventures with us at least in the same book, if not on the same page when it comes to things we encounter.


    There will never be a perfect solution, and I understand that. We can strive to get as close as possible though.

    — Krow

    "You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion."
    -- Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, summer 215



    I am a simple man, and I feel that simple solutions are often best.

    For example, when Rezport was around I would go there from time to time. There were members of our little outpost who also went, and got into the bad habit of flaunting the laws.

    They felt that because they were outsiders, they didn’t need to follow the rules. This let to a conversation I had with them, that if they did this I would beat them down and take them to the guards for justice.

    The townperson in question was confused, and asked why I would do such a thing. My response was simple, the laws are not optional because you find it inconvenient to follow them or fun to break them.

    Do I think this person reformed their ways? No, I’m not stupid. But they did stop doing it openly and carelessly. And at the end of the day, that is good enough for me.

    If we are in Akeron, and people who have permits to cast Necro do it, I really don’t care. If we are in Ebrus, and we have someone who has served in the Ebran military long enough that they can cast Necro legally, I also don’t care.

    If we are in either of those places, and someone who can’t legally cast necro does so, I care very much. And my proposal to them would be simple. Turn yourself in, or I will beat you down and do it for you. There isn’t a Kingdom in Terath where casting Necro is illegal that would bat an eye if I forcefully brought down a Necromancer.

    As to the argument, ‘but Leorrin, sometimes we have to cast necro where it is illegal, you know, for the greater good’.

    That’s a load of horse feathers.

    The first time I came to Northwatch, there was a demon infestation nearby and they had an open Necrovoid that was sending undead and demons into town. There was a lively debate on what should be done. A ritual caster said they should cast a necromatic ritual to close the necrovoid. After all, it wold help us in the long term.

    We said no. We found another way.

    To be clear, it was hard. Way harder than just letting the ritualist cast a necro ritual.

    I have adventured with Northwatch for 10 years, and I have never once, encountered a situation where we could not find another way when casting Necro was the easy way out.

    We are smart, we are resourceful. We have powerful friends. We can find another way. It may be way harder, and take a bit longer. But its there if we look.

    My rules for adventuring are simple. Follow the laws of where we are. If you want to add additional rules for situations outside the laws, I think we need a couple of specific scenarios to talk about.


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    Marley Sage

    I like a lot of what Leorrin said. I don’t respect the laws as much or believe as much in might makes right, but the cases he mentioned make a lot of sense to me.

    I wonder if we could be served by opening this topic to the eyes and wisdom of previous adventurers who have faced similar situations and have retired?

    This is another invitation for anyone to articulate some of the values they feel we hold? I’d really like to work on reputational matters through song.


    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Coordinator

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer

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