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    Marley Sage

      I’m still trying to put this together in my head.

      Can Zyra or others provide more details on the monstrosities that were once family, were defeated?

      What techniques & maybe kind of killing blows or spells that were used on them after dropping, if any?

      Did they Spirit or anything similar or were Medical Examinations possibly performed?


      OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Coordinator

      PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer



        I unfortunately don’t have many details, but I’ll share what I do know.
        Combat with these beings was extremely brutal as they had quite a bit of power. They also had the ability to drain the spirit of the one connected to them (I stayed away from the fight with my father because of this and unfortunately missed the other fights that occurred for various reasons). I did approach after my father was defeated in order to deliver the killing blow. I personally used Cleanse as it seemed appropriate, and it worked, but I don’t know if that damage type was necessary or what was used on the others. As far as I know medical examinations were not performed, partially because so much was going on and partially because their bodies crumpled to nothing after a short period of time. My father did not spirit as we normally think of it but rather when his body dissipated and Karu sang a lovely wake his presence was felt and he was able to briefly speak to me. He left behind his wedding ring which I felt his presence leave in the solstice.

        Hopefully this information helps.

        -Zyra Goldenmane



          So when do we begin this plan. I am anxious to find a resolution.




            I’ve already sent her the letter, but I don’t think she is going to take the bait at this point, at least not in a way that would expose herself, not considering she sent my father into town and hasn’t sent any other response to my letter.

            -Zyra Goldenmane

          Viewing 4 posts - 49 through 52 (of 52 total)

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