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    June 13th, 218 PB

    An Imperial Cartographer has come to the High Queen’s court, acting in service to the Emperor across the sea. This cartographer has traveled from Verath with orders to meet with representatives from each of the kingdoms of Terath in order to draft a new map of the continent, including clear delineations of the kingdom borders.

    When it has been completed, this new map will become the official map of Terath in the eyes of the Emperor, but it remains unclear as to the impact that this will have upon the various border disputes between the Terathian Kingdoms.

    The decade which has passed since the death of Queen Octavia has been tumultuous, involving numerous wars and impactful events such as the rise and fall of Southwatch, the creation and expansion of the Kingdom of Falconcrest, and the shattering of the Ethlin Isles. These events have had notable affect on the political landscape, and some have resulted in serious territorial disputes between neighboring realms.

    Certain rumors suggest that this imperial attempt to solidify official kingdom borders is likely to lead to increased tensions and even possibly to war rather than leading to a lasting peace, but the High Queen has encouraged the various rulers of Terath to cooperate and participate in good faith, hinting that refusal to do so may result in notable political consequences.

    Many eyes have turned towards central Terath as the Falconcrest noble court is currently embattled in a political power struggle to name the new High Lord and potential heir to the Falconcrest Throne, now that the lingering plague has at last been cleansed from Citadel City. Lord Dan Brock, a leading candidate, has offered to lead the Falconcrest efforts relating to the creation of the imperial map, claiming that he is best suited to mediate border disputes due to his strong alliances with influential figures in both Akeron and Ebrus. His rival Lord Baron Devereaux has also stepped forward, however, suggesting that he would be best suited to represent Falconcrest due to his superior knowledge of Terathian history, especially as it pertains to the legacy of the empire.



    June 20th, 218 PB

    The arrival of the Imperial Cartographer has resulted in a series of active political debates and a cascade of diplomatic negotiations between various kingdoms throughout the land of Terath. It is rumored that King West of Ebrus and King MutT The Black Titan of Westerland recently engaged in a particularly volitile disagreement regarding a territory to the south of DragonHeld which is often argued to be either Western Ebrus or Northern Westerland. After the supposedly unresolved meeting, King West of Ebrus posted the following proclamation throughout his kingdom.

    Honorable Men of Ebrus,

    A time of change is upon us. My recovery from the Necrotic Affliction is nearly complete, but it is only now, as I break free of my own dark plague, that I see that our land is under the thrall of a similar affliction.

    For far too long, the black shackles of the Path of The Nightwalker have held us back from claiming our rightful place as the greatest kingdom in all of Terath. It is time for us to put aside the old traditions of our Black Knights and the legacy of King Falion’s failures.

    It is time for us to leave behind the Red Era of Ebrus, and to move forward into a new Golden Age. We shall march forward in unity, we shall claim the glory that is our due, and we shall rebuild our kingdom so that the historians of future generations will have no doubt that Ebrus is the brightest jewel upon Cyrillia.

    This abrupt proclamation has caused many to wonder if the Ebran King has made plans to completely remove Black Knight leaders from power, or even potentially make Necromancy illegal throughout Ebrus. Political gossip within the Ebran Royal Court has hinted that Black Knight Commander Lord Knight Cadaeris of Ebrus has been recently been turned away after an attempt to speak with the king, an action which might suggest that changes could be coming in Ebrus sooner than most people might think.



    June 23rd, 218 PB

    Deep in the pre-dawn hours of the night, blades flashed in the darkness, and spells flared with savage light. Within the Kingdom of Ebrus, they are still counting the dead, and taking tally of those who were slain during a sudden change in power.

    When the Red Hour of Ebrus had spent its last moments, King James West of Ebrus and every single one of his most vital supporters in the Kingdom lay dead. In his place, as ruler of the kingdom, stood Queen Vivian Falion, she who is the sister of the exiled King Charles Rezak Falion The Red.

    Stories claim that precisely one hour passed from the moment that a blade was driven into the heart of the first of King West’s supporters to the moment that King West of Ebrus was executed on the steps of the Ebran Royal Palace.

    Rumors and speculation indicate that the coup was coordinated using Ritual Missives, and that agents of the loathsome & dangerous Ebran crimnal network known as the Tainted Crown were extensively active in the coup. Some rumors claim that a mysterious ebon order of Xelaque Master Assasins were also involved in the assassinations Some even whisper that the legendary assassin known as Kolan may have had a hand in the bloody work, while conflicting rumors claim that the same assassinations where performed by Fey Agents sactioned by the Emperor in Verath. There have also been strange rumors which indicate that an order of demon hunters struck down a secret cabal of Abyssal Mages within the Ebran Palace during the night.

    Once the Red Hour had come to an end, the light of a new dawn revealed that the Black Knights of Ebrus had rallied to support their new queen. Commander Lord Knight Cadaeris and his brethren swore new oaths to Queen Vivian Falion, as did all of the surviving lords and margraves of Ebrus.

    The world holds its breath as it watches to see if Queen Vivian’s rule will be as savage and bloody as her rise to power. Many eyes turn towards High Queen Embla Vanir’s court in the Broken City of the Queen’s Lands, wondering at what the response might be from the High Throne of Terath.



    August 20th, 218 PB 

    Across the taverns of Terath, tankards and glasses are raised in both celebration and mourning. The Prince of Wights has been defeated, and his forces have been broken and scattered. Many wonder though just who this self styled ‘Prince’ was, as much of his history is shrouded in mystery.

    Some believe him to be no more than a powerful undead that sought to rule, while others ponder the claims that he was a blood relation to the most famous of Terath’s high rules, Queen Octavia. Regardless of the truth, may speak in hushed tones about the Kingdom of the Night, and their absence during this struggle. Lending credence to rumors that this Prince of Wights was one of their own, and they distanced themselves in hopes of his victory.

    Though the Prince’s forces were defeated, for many kingdoms the cost was dear. The Kingdom of Falconcrest has declared a period of mourning at the loss of two of their most respected leaders. Baron Marcus Deveroux and Lord Edward dan Brock. Both giving their lives to protect the people of Falconcrest from the the Prince of Wights.

    In the Broken City, Lord Marshal Vorhil’il Celestion of the Rhouman Guard gave a stirring speech in honor of those who stood in defense of the cities threatened by the Prince of Wights. Many were present not only for the speech, but to confirm if the rumors regarding the restoration of his eyesight were true.

    It is said that his sight was lost fighting the Skarren Shadowlord during the Pale War. Though many had attempted to heal the wound, the dark magiks of the Shadowlord blocked the return of his sight. Rumor has it that Dame Silmarwen Earfalas had worked for years on developing a cure, and with the assistance of the medical artificer Kaine Tharth of Northwatch they were able to restore the Lord Marshall’s lost sight.




    September 19th, 218 PB

    As the period of mourning for those lost in the attacks by the Prince of Wights ends, the following proclamation is circulated throughout Falconcrest:

    People of Falconcrest,

    One month ago our Kingdom was attacked by the villainous, self-proclaimed Prince of Wights. An undead creature whose strength was seconded only to its hatred of the living. Many of our brave brothers and sisters fell during its attack, sacrificing themselves in order to protect us.

    Among them, fell Lord Edward dan Brock and Baron Marcus Deveroux. Baron Deveroux fell while attempting to disrupt the ritual that was used on the town of Adwine’s Crossing. Though he was not fully successful, many lives were saved by his sacrifice.

    Lord dan Brock fell after disrupting a similar ritual that would have targeted Citadel. Both of these men were heroes, and both were worthy of the title High Lord. So I, King Gilrandir Galathue, hereby grant Edward dan Brock and Marcus Deveroux the posthumus title of High Lord of Falconcrest.

    Let their sacrifice not be forgotten and let them stand as examples of what it is we seek to become. With their passing, many have worried what the future holds for our Kingdom. For now, out of respect for their sacrifice I shall not name a High Lord. They have left large shoes to fill, and though we still keenly feel the voids left, we must continue to move forward.

    I hereby grant the lands that were formally under the stewardship of High Lord Deveroux, including Rune Tower Castle, to Lady Lily Giselle. With this increased stewardship, I grant her the title of Duchess.

    I raise Orrin Tycho to the nobility and grant him the title of Lord. I grant him stewardship over the lands that formerly were under the stewardship of High Lord dan Brock. This includes the adventuring outpost of Northwatch, and the pass into Ku’Vahl.

    Honor Above All,
    King Gilrandir Galathule



    February 15, 219 PB

    As Winterfest celebrations all over Terath come to a close, the people of Falconcrest find that they have an additional reason to celebrate the coming year. Prince Eric Falconcrest, grandson of King Aleric Falconcrest, has been named the Hand of the King.

    Though a new title, the people of Falconcrest find themselves overjoyed that one of the Falconcrest bloodline will be aiding and advising the king.

    Wasting no time, Prince Eric has issued his first proclamation in his new capacity as Hand of the King

    People of Falconcrest,

    It is with great pleasure that, as my first official duty as Hand of the King, I name Reginald Manyhome Sage of Falconcrest. Sage Manyhome spent his apprenticeship under the Wizard Daryoon Anairo, who was in turn Apprenticed to the great Wizard Thalomere.

    With this lineage of magic, his years of experience as the Sage of the Northwatch chapter of the Falconcrest Mages Guild, and his exceptional leadership skills, we are excited to see the guild grow and flourish.

    Long may Falconcrest Prosper!

    Honor Above All
    Prince Eric Falconcrest
    Hand of the King



    April 2nd, 219 PB

    As many scholars and wise women know well, there is a strange and mysterious force which rises and flows over the world unpredictably, every few years or so. This force is known as The Winds of Change, for it is always accompanied by the presence of a gale or breeze. And with it, this power brings alteration and transmutation. Weaves of magic can be transformed, new secrets of Ritual magic & crafter’s Artifice can be revealed, and many stories even speak of rare individuals whose race or abilities are completely transformed by the passing of The Winds of Change.

    This spring, as the Winds of Change swept over the lands of Cyrillia, a strange and disharmonious spiritual energy has also risen in the wake of the old transformational power. Much as an unexpected and unwelcome echo to the Winds of Change, this spiritual disharmony acted as an amplification of sorts, causing some scholars to speculate that someone or something has intentionally attempted to warp & twist the spiritual mystic energies of Cyrillia in a manner that has resulted in a frightening outcome.

    The original intent of these spiritual manipulations is as of yet unknown. Some have suggested that this could be the result of a benign grand magical experiment gone wrong, while others have speculated that these changes are just the tip of the iceberg for something much more nefarious, but what is known for certain is that the casting of lifesaving Restore Spirit spells has become notably more difficult for any powerful Mystic Spellcaster who possesses the skill to perform the spell.

    Wizards, Spiritualists, & scholars of all sorts seem to be in agreement that the magical wave of spiritual disharmony that appeared in the wake of the Winds of Change was somehow separate from the Winds themselves, and now conversation in taverns and noble courts alike have suggested that a Demon Lord or the Arch Lich Tal Sigor could be behind this dreadful event. What’s more, there are reports in both Lairroth & Terath that a number of established Circles of Life have vanished or suddenly faded.

    OOG Note: See the related post on the Rules War board, titled “2019 Rules Announcement – Changes to Healing”.



    April 18th, 219 PB

    Tavern talk is dominated by rumors that an important diplomatic meeting in the Broken City between Haven, Falconcrest and Hadrianus was interrupted in a most spectacular way. King Vol had requested the meeting to (again) request that lands taken from Haven by Hadrianus during the War of Kings be returned.

    In attendance was High Queen Embla Vanir (acting as the moderator), King Vol, Khadia ‘Spite’ Eider and Leif “SourBite” Vanir of the Synod of Five. Also in attendance lending support to King Vol were War Wizard Talandar and Prince Eric of Falconcrest.

    After the meeting had been going for a few hours, it was interrupted by the Arch-Wizard Thalomere, the War Wizard Nadrak, and Wizard Rhoum the Peacebringer. They arrived by teleportation, directly into the room the meeting was taking place. Some rumors suggest as the teleportaion completed that both King Vol and War Wizard Talandar were caught by surprise, and reacted by casting their own rituals in response.

    Others say that as the three Wizards teleported in, they unleashed a series of their own spells that bloodlessly incapacitated all present.

    Though it seems that bloodshed was avoided, the High Queen and members of the Synod are believed to have been understandably upset by the sudden unannounced interruption. The nature of the conversation that followed is subject to a great deal of speculation. What is known is that after only a few minutes the three Wizards left, and that War Wizard Talandar went with them.

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