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    This is amazing. Took me a bit to figure it out. Apologizes. I don’t recall using one before but not that I am writing this out, it’s coming back to me. Anyway. Good news! I have what you need. Access to the Vales. Well, more specifically. Access to an island in the chain of islands that connected to the old city.

    The Baron has asked me to relay this to you. He has men in the High Vale doing things.

    Heroic Spirits,

         I have received word from my men on the discovered access point. The Crusade does keep an eye on the connected islands but they do not seem to be keeping a specific eye on this massive chain in question. I believe it is due to the weather, on a clear day, there is a Crusader emplacement with ballista that could see the chain with ease. If it is cloudy, that did not seem to be the case, my men were able to scale parts of it with ease.

         What my men have described is this. Each link in the chain is as large as your ship. If it were simply hanging, it would be difficult to climb but this is not the case. The chain is partially wrapped around an island of stone that rises far into the sky. The boon in this is that the ancient chain was built to be used as a bridge between the islands. Built into the great chain are flat panels of iron and stone and if one could lay it out float, you would walk from one end to the other with few problems. Now, that chain and the construction which allowed it to be used a bridge sits wrapped around the peaks of the island.

         The other news I have is this. The Crusaders have been busy building a massive but mostly empty camp near the base of the pass that leads to the old city. We have seen ships following the coastline of the Knot carrying soldiers. None have landed in Belmos. It is my belief that they are headed to the High Vale. In preparation for your arrival. We have hidden the barge near the island and my soldiers are gathering for an attack on the lower camp. I do not have enough to overcome the lower camp and old city garrison but I will draw the garrison out long enough for you to get up the chain. I am leaving the merfolk and your man with the barge. I will need all the soldiers I can muster in order to force the Crusade to commit their garrison forces.Sincerely,

    The Black Baron

    Ha. He signed it with the Black Baron. He does that in case the Crusade somehow recovers his missives. I find it funny. Except when he is staring at me intently as I write this so never mind me.


    The Crypt Keeper

    "Do not trifle with me, worm!"



    Crypt Keeper,

    Well done, and thank you.

    The Baron’s direct assault will keep the Crusader’s occupied, and will hopefully deal them a heavy blow. But perhaps we can do more to keep them off-balance. If I recall, our scrying revealed multiple well-defended chains leading up to the old city of the High Vale. We should consider asking a small portion of the Merfolk or the Dendrians to allow themselves to been seen as they make a stealthy approach from an alternate point of attack. They would retreat before they reached the crusader forces, but the feint might be sufficient to draw even more attention away from our approach, and would hopefully cause the Crusaders to split their forces during the baron’s assault.

    We used this tactic against the dark elves of Haven during our initial raids at the start of the War of Kings, and it caused the Xelaque to spread themselves very thin as they tried to defend against potential attacks from every side, granting my brothers & sisters a keen advantage.

    Looking at the painting of the Baron that we received, he seems the type to line up his soldiers shoulder to shoulder before marching into battle. But the crusaders have us outnumbered, and we have certain advantages on our side that our enemy will likely not expect to be used in a coordinated assault. For instance, the Dendrians can blend into the trees and the tall grass, while the Merfolk can approach unseen beneath the waves. When used together, these strengths will be a tool for spreading uncertainty and triggering panic amongst those we fight.

    Bannor of Harrowheim

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