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    J’hunai Noquar

    As many of you are aware, I am now able to create runes of Anticipate Blow. I have started this thread to get a list of those who wish to purchase these Runes from me since there were many people who expressed interest. These runes are being sold for 6 silver.

    They take 8 PP to make, so I am only able to create one rune a week. The list below is for those ordering runes, and I will fill these orders in the order I receive them.

    However, if you wish to expedite your order, I am able to move you up the list for a small amount of coin in addition to the six silver a rune.

    For those already on the list, I have you down for one rune. If you needed more than this, please message me with the amount you need.

    1) Sitka (I will have your rune ready by 2/20)
    2) Boji (I will have your rune ready by 2/20)
    3) Sibella (I will have your rune ready by 2/28)

    I am able to create many other runes and SpellFocus’ and will soon be able to make Planar Transcendence Runes and Reflect SpellFocus’as well. Message me if you would like a list.

    J’hunai Noquar

    J'hunai Noquar
    Child of Earth Magic

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