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    Xukkuth d’ Barra

    March 21st, The Fey Gathering

    Travelers on the road have noticed a sharp increase in the number of Fey which have been seen wandering the roadways of Lairroth. Indeed, there have been rumors circulating that a great gathering of the Fey is coming soon within the confines of their ancestral home – The Gladelands.

    Whispers speak of something dark in the Gladelands, perhaps resulting from the Chronophage, which the Fey are preparing to address. Other speculators have proposed that there is some association with the recent troubles in Nocturne. A few have even been heard claiming to have had the truth of it from the Fey leaders themselves, but these few only whisper that the time for The Hunt draws near.



    June 10th, 2013

    Rumor speaks of a large force of monsters made of water gathers in southern Calien, preparing to march northward. Some stories say they are led by men, and that a call for mercenaries has gone out to bolster their numbers. Others believe that the Troll witch of Vrogosh is responsible, spreading her monstrous minions to sow chaos.

    It is said that the Knights of Lombard have been sent to investigate this threat and report back to the Council of the 7 Moons directly.


    Staff ESO

    February 27th, 2014

    Word has begun to pass that something dreadful has happened in Calien. Rumors say that a small town was recently corrupted and destroyed by a powerful vampire said to have fled from the Windward Spire. It has been said that the vampire was destroyed, however, a contingent of the Argent Tide that arrived to assist with cleansing the town has recently been found utterly destroyed.

    The darkest of the whisperings say that the abyss has reached forth from the depths of the town, leaving behind nothing but twisted husks that might once have been homes and inhabitants.

    The mutterings of madmen speak of bloody writing left upon the corpses of the men of the Argent Tide. “For thine crimes against the Fallen, thou have been Judged!”


    Staff ESO

    February 2nd, 217 PB

    While very little has been heard from the continent of Lairroth as of late, rumors have begun to trickle once more.

    The Crossroads remains largely disused and abandoned, howeverm rumor suggests that occasional groups of orcs and minotaur have used the place as a base of operations to aid refugees departing from Vrogosh and The Realms in opposition of the White King. The Heartlands has begun allowing them to take refuge, and have even offered citizenship to some. Rumor suggests that a minotaur champion may even have begun training as a white knight, though most seem very skeptical of this claim.

    Sith and its people are working to recover from the shock of the attack that nearly destroyed their people and way of life. A number of groups and organizations have arrived in the aftermath to render aid and support while their leaders strive to reestablish order and structure. One report implies that a collection of Pale servants might also have been inadvertently ousted from Sith by the unexpected attack.

    Word suggests that Illithoria has begun talks to allow refugees asylum from the conflict in Vrogosh, and further rumors suggest they are preparing to declare war on the monstrous races. Stories also state that there may be a sage amongst the elven folk who has uncovered an important relic tied to the Skyfire and that the elven people are considering the potential of such a weapon in the event that the White King turns his gaze to their kingdom.

    Little word has come from Nadrak or Calien, though there are suggestions that there have been a lot of recent changes in the Council of the Moon and Sun in Calien as Lairroth struggles to balance its economic fluctuations after their recent trials.

    Finally, there is a suggestion that the Empire of the Drake has vanished entirely in a magical fog, though this particular story is supported only by those who are either drunk or raving.


    Staff ESO

    July 13th, 217 PB

    Rumors in Lairroth have begun to run nearly as rampant as the fear they inspire.

    Word is that the borders of Nadrak have been closed, even to their own citizens. There are some who say they know the secret ways in and out of the country, and others who suggest the penalty for disobeying the order is not only death, but incorporation into a new undead militia being reformed in the image of the old Nadrak. Whispers suggest that Nocturne may be once again seeking control over the country, but no one seems to have any inkling as to why.

    It has been suggested that in Moradrim, talks have begun about solidifying against the threats being posed throughout Lairroth, and for the first time in centuries, it seems plausible that a king may be chosen to lead the people in this time of unrest. Of course there still seems to be no consistency in the choice to be made, or even if one will be made at all.

    In the area of the Gladelands, patrols and travelers have gone missing for days, only to find themselves once more outside the Gladelands with no memory of what transpired. Others have disappeared entirely. Many Fey have begun to return to their ancestral homeland, almost as if called there by something unseen.

    Vrogosh has become a land of spite and hatred. The M’Reg seem to control nearly all of it through fear and force, and despite the White King’s ostensibly legitimate claim to the throne, it seems that even the former residents who once supported him have fled or been driven out. Bodies continue to accumulate, and often are stolen away in the dead of the night. There are also whispers of an avenging spirit seeking to destroy the M’Reg, though nothing can be confirmed about this force of nature.

    Rumors of the True Son of the Father of Night have begun circulating in earnest. People dare not speak his name for fear of drawing his attention, and those that day speak only in a whisper, or are silenced, often violently by their compatriots.

    In contrast to Nadrak’s closed door policy, it would seem the Heartlands has thrown their doors wide. Despite several tragic events recently, or perhaps in direct opposition to them, the Heartlands has begun strong recruiting policies and training regimens to increase their army and most notably their officers and White Knights. Many of these are former Vrogosh citizens, as well as those unable to return to Nadrak. Further rumors suggest that they have sought out both financial and military support from the few houses remaining in the Realms. Dwarven and Thorgg shock troops are becoming increasingly common amongst the Heartlands military.

    Sith it seems, has so far been largely untouched by the strife and has taken up the old mantle of its once mercantile nature. Some speak crassly of their need to capitalize on the misery of others, but most see their efforts as Sith’s best idea of how to support those who need it.

    The quietest rumors have also suggested that Illithoria has activated ancient magical defenses to keep themselves safe, and that they are harboring many important refuges including, perhaps, the Suzerain council themselves.

    Finally, there are soft words implying that there has been stirring from beyond the mountain range that marks the beginning of the Empire of the Drake. In a time of roving undead, monsters from the void, and ancient magiks, what fresh horror might be unleashed from such a dark place. Only time will tell.


    Staff ESO

    December 12th, 217 PB

    The flow of information throughout the kingdoms of Lairroth has all but been completely arrested. Tensions run high and every border is heavily armed. Suspicions are leveled at every person to come through, accusations are frequent, and punishment is often meted out with minimal authority, if any.

    The Heartlands remain a beacon of hope, and those able to have fled here. Though still concerned, the citizens here are moderately more tolerant.

    Sith seems to be rapidly approaching Martial Law and Moradrim has become more unified than ever recorded, though their unification seems largely to consist of executing nearly everyone for almost any crime at all. Nadrak and Calien are rumored to be run almost entirely by the old councils of undead, though the peoples there still insist that undead are not wanted there.

    Vrogosh is practically in ruins and the M’Reg run rampant through the countryside, killing, enslaving, and other worse fates.

    Il’lithoria seems marginally safer through their magical protections, but they are hardly able to protect themselves, much less provide assistance to others.

    All eyes are turned toward the two dread powers that have come to the forefront of the wild lands known as Lairroth: LaFayette and the White King. It seems anything not controlled by one is held by the other, and their legions of monstrous followers grow stronger by the day. Worse, both seem to command dire magiks and illusory talents that have kept even the wisest from discovering a weakness.

    The whole continent stands on the brink of destruction, and yet it seems no one is able to stop it.

    Out of Game Notes:

    • Until otherwise noted, traveling anywhere in Lairroth during downtime aside from the Heartlands requires a great deal of time and expense in assorted resources. This will cost 3 Silver (or more at Plot discretion) for any travel outside of the Heartlands, paid at logistics.
    • Additional monetary contributions may be made to any of the following: Il’lithoria (defense or research), the Heartlands (defense, research, or refugee support), Nadrak/Calien/Sith (military support) in an effort to aid Lairroth’s current state.


    The people of Lairroth have endured hardships before, and for a while it seemed as though the most recent events would be just another in a long line of battles and mad would-be kings.

    Borders have become more heavily guarded. The old prejudices have become more pronounced again. Criminals run rampant and lawlessness seems to be the rule of the day, save for the Heartlands and Illithoria, where refugees flock for the last vestiges of safety and sanity, often with criminals hidden within their ranks.

    While the Heartlands continue to capture and hold their prisoners of war, executing only when necessary and trying to teach and guide in their time honored way, Illithoria is rumored to have begun a redemption iniitiative, allowing their criminals training and a second chance at life, provided they join their recently expanded military in the fight against the encroaching M’Reg and their armies of monsters and traitors.

    On the borders of the Heartlands and Vrogosh, many engagements have been fought over the last few months, but most recently in the site of several refugee encampments across the borders, recently named the Three Spires, the skirmishes have grown still larger and more deadly.

    At one of the Spires, called Ukor, several battalions of the Heartlands soldiers were seen to engage in a deadly and pitched battle with the M’Reg forces. Most noticeably involved were Lord Secondus Delacour and his Squire Tybreagus, as well as numerous members of the newly formed Heartlands Ranger Corp.

    It has been said that powerful ritual magics were expended on both sides of the field, and that the engagement was intended as an ambush by both sides and later became a pitched and terrible battle. Thousands were killed, but the Heartlands line never once broke, rallying over and over again at the rallying cry of Lord Delacour. It has been suggested that he wielded dread necromantic powers and called upon the dead for aid. Others have suggested he simply has the support of the spirits of long past heroes of legend. Witnesses have also agreed there was a young woman seen in the healer’s camp, and while no great healer herself, without her attention and organization, far more would have died of their wounds.


    Since the battle, it seemed as though perhaps the M’Reg had pulled back, and scouting forays had met with cautious optimism when the borders were no longer actively threatened, or even patrolled by the M’Reg and their forces. That is, until a few days ago.

    A group of nobles, ambassadors, and other delegates from numerous Lairrothian courts had come together in secret for a peace summit and call to arms, to set aside their differences and drive out the invading force. The following morning at the changing of the guard, it was reportedly discovered that every person at the conference had been ruthlessly murdered. It would seem that all of them remained as final corpses, and rumors suggested that black M’Reg might have been seen in the area shortly after.

    Morale across Lairroth is badly shaken, and worse, rumors abound that untended women and children have begun to vanish in the night as well, giving rise to speculations and fears to dreadful to speak aloud. It would seem that the times are worse than the people of Lairroth had guessed. Shadows lengthen and the candle of hope flickers against the encroaching darkness…



    August 9th, 218 PB

    While much of Lairroth remains in fear of the whisper of the name LaFayette, the Heartlands and Vrogosh seem too embittered in the war raging all along their border.

    The M’Reg have slowed in their forays after the battle at Ukor, but have if anything, increased their actions extending beyond the border of the Heartlands. They have been noted in outlands near Moradrim, Sith, and Nadrak, and even rumors that some may have successfully crossed over into the Empire of the Drake.

    Last evening, however, events came to a head when two military forces made forays into the heart of Vrogosh, which rumor suggests is now nearly halfway consumed by the Void that has been bleeding into Lairroth as a result of the M’Reg presence. The larger military force was reportedly led by a White Knight of the Heartlands with several regiments of Heartlands soldiers and monstrous refugees-turned-militia, while the other smaller strike force ostensibly involved heroes and adventurers from the town of Northwatch in Terath.

    Details of the encounters are limited at best, though it has been suggested that early in the evening, the M’Reg suddenly became far more defensive in their efforts, and their numbers seemed to begin thinning drastically for a time. Several further skirmishes occurred and it seemed as though perhaps the Knight and his battalions might be able to put an end to the entire war.

    After that, it has been confirmed that a series of transluscent fireballs lit up the sky nearer the border beside the tower of Bakokeg. After this, it seemed as though the M’Reg withdrew entirely. The monstrous regiments, in their haste to destroy their oppressors, rushed too eagerly into the space only to find themselves in a trap.

    The handful of survivors of the Gutshakyn battalion, and perhaps half of the Laiderakun battalion remain largely in shock, but it has been asserted that the White King himself took the field and used some terrible power against the Heartlands forces. Details are vague, but accounts seem to indicate that many of the soldiers and allied militia were in some way completely unmade, blowing away as dust in the wind.

    The order was apparently given to withdraw, and the Heartlands forces were beset by a cadre of Blue M’Reg, led by a Purple M’Reg with bat-like wings and a pair of Black M’Reg. Casualties were extremely high as they harried the survivors back across the border.

    As of this morning, it has been confirmed that the Heartlands are reaching out to Il’lithoria and other neighboring kingdoms for magical, military and medical support in dealing with this threat. While the White King’s hold appears to have been weakened, his resolve it would seem is unshaken.

    Borders are being reinforced in anticipation of the coming retaliation.


    OOG Note: With much of the M’Reg force in apparent chaos, there is no longer a cost to travel through Lairroth. It remains highly dangerous, however, and travel into Vrogosh is difficult at best. The Heartlands has asked that those able to donate to the war effort due so in the form of consumables (primarily medical) wherever able, to help support the remaining soldiers and the wounded. Those able to support with training or healing abilities have also been asked to lend their time.

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