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    OOG- The “X” indicates that only non retired PC’s can see this post)

    Svargis’s ship, White Fangs Pleasure (White Fang is the name of a Dragon who was known to have been partially responsible for the Three Sisters War in Ebrus, a long time ago.)He was a privateer for years before he decided to end that life. (Would love more info about his time as a pirate if anyone knows)

    Svargis tried to gain land in Hadrinus (the Summer Vale) several months ago and used underhanded tactics to do so. He pitted the other participants against each other and a lot of people died in the process. We tracked pirates to a tavern that had helped in sabotage of the area. We have no definitive proof that Svargis was involved. Just looks very suspicious and he lost that chance to gain land and title.

    Svargis has recently allied himself with a Akeron merchant named Weslington. The town had a run in with a few months ago. The merchant had attempted to have someone killed by having them meet him in a place infested with ghouls. The town put a stop to it and confronted the merchant. At which point Weslington tried to bribe Gray.

    He was turned over to the authorities and so heavily fined that he lost everything. During the investigation he told them the man he tried to have killed was a smuggler of necromatic goods.

    Svargis apparently just teamed up with Weslington and is trying to secure trade routes through the Great River Adwin waterways that flow south through Citidael and end up in the Bay of Hope near Akeron and Haven. This makes two merchants that he has had connections with that have been smuggling illegal goods. Weslington and Pete Quarterdeck aka Seaweed (now deceased)

    Lord Tycho cast reveal shackles of the mind on Svargis in October. From what i understand it revealed that he was in control of his actions when he was awake but not asleep. possibly being controlled by dream magic? Perhaps influencing his actions?


    Please post any other information you find out about his man. He is trying to gain title and power and I don’t believe he would be good for Falconcrest. I think he wants a connection to Northwatch since we are a source of power and we tend to help those we consider friends.







    I don’t know really anything myself except that Gunnvior Baldr is Svargis Baldr’s cousin.  He might know a bit more.

    -Zyra Goldenmane

    –Treasurer of the Brotherhood of The Dark Star



    I do remember this Weslington, I was present when he attempted to bribe Gray.

    I feel that we shouldn’t trust either of them as both have proven to be deceitful.

    I would suggest that if/when they visit Northwatch we don’t discuss anything of importance with them; don’t give them anything that they can hold over us or use as a bargain later on.

    My personal opinion.


    IG: Sibella R.E. Listrotov
    OOG: Chelsea Baldwin



    I focused efforts on spreading the word about Svargis to people in Falconcrest. I’m not sure how he has moved so fast and gotten so much support in a small aount of time. It’s staggering.
    Karu, Fourly, and Fruian were a huge help. We focused on Adwyne’s Crossing, Citidael, and Rune Tower Castle as they are the largest of the cities.
    These are the results of our endeavor.I’ll continue to work this month with more infomation. I didn’t want to throw everything we had at once to people since I was afraid it would to much to fast. I focused on a few clear things and these were the results

    Adwyne’s Crossing
    Attitude -Weakly Positive

    This town is still rebuilding after the attack from the Prince of Wights, and while some people are receptive, it’s hard to combat the coin and assistance he has given to the rebuilding efforts.

    Large groups of workmen hired by Svargis have been offering their assistance freely to the survivors (and making it clear who hired them).

    Karu had the most success here, as taverns are typically full at night as people want to unwind after a long days labor.

    Using a combination of song and spoken word, she is able to subtly shift the conversation from “Svargis is helping because he cares” to “Svargis is helping because he has something to gain”.

    Sentiment toward him shifts from strongly positive to weakly positive (staying positive due to the fact he is publicly helping the town).

    Attitude – Neutral

    Svargis’ reputation here is still new, but it seems that it is being aggressively pushed. An outsider who wants to lift up the common man. Someone who ‘knows what normal people experience’, and can be their champion. Someone who will work with King Gilrandir to strengthen Falconcrests boarders against Ebran aggression and protect people. A man who will put his vast fortunes on the line to help protect against threats from terrible evils such as Tal’Sigor.

    It doesn’t take long to find that there are people who are probably on Svargis’ payroll who look for opportunities to spread the good news about Svargis.

    It seems that Svargis is working Citidel hard, and though you are able to shift public opinion of him, he is by no means done with Citidel and continues to work to counter your efforts.

    Rune Tower
    Starting Attitude – Neutral

    Surprisingly, it seems Svargis has invested the majority of his time and resources to building up his reputation here. Consistently sponsoring the Rangeguard and working to Gain Duchess Gisselle’s favor. I discovered a rumor that is somewhat pervasive in the Duchesses court that Svargis has begun to ‘woo’ the Duchess in an attempt at marriage.

    It seems that he has his sights set on what we’re Lord dan Brock’s and now Lord Tycho’s lands. He has been making the argument that though Lord Tycho is a good man, he is inexperienced and needs someone who understands the world to help him out and manage dan Brock’s sizable estate properly (as there are rumors that the new Lord Tycho has mis-managed what dan Brock left behind).

    Changing the people’s opinion of him takes some serious pavement pounding, but the people of Northern Falconcrest are frontier folk. They are believers in the ideals of Falconcrest and don’t like the idea of being played by a pirate.

    Please keep this info updated with anything you find out.




    I’ve discovered that Duchess Giselle has had dreams with Svargis in them. They aren’t specifically about him but he does show up often.
    I also have twenty of accounts in Citidael alone of people who dreamed of Svargis.

    The Ashen cloth has been notified in case it is Deimos related and I’m trying my best to thwart his efforts but I feel I am getting overwhelmed and swamped.

    I know we have our plates full with Kaizran but I’m just asking that this man doesn’t get overlooked.


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    Grant M

    I will be spending some time this month to talk to the different Merchant Guild Leaders in Falconcrest. I will also give them a warning concerning Svargis and his dealings to ensure that they will not be tricked by him.

    -Valeron Avarici

    Grant M, Player Emissary
    Please see my profile for contact information
    Valeron Avarici, Human, Merchant Guild Leader
    Kovac Baford, Elentari, Member of Brotherhood of the Dark Star
    If you need help coding your signature, please ask me



    I have spoken to Lord Tycho about how Northwatch is to treat Svargis Baldr from this point forward. Please see his response below.

    Hey Sibella,

    After everything went to hell (Pun Intended), he was gone as well as you all. I couldn’t detach any Necromancy or Abyssal energy from the spell. The things we know are Svargis Baldr was being controlled and he yelled “let this nightmare end”. So did he knowingly do this or was he a puppet, I don’t know. I would like to find out. He is in deep deep trouble, but should he be killed at first sight, No. Unless he gives you a good reason. If possible he should be brought in for questioning.


    So there we have it, just wanted to keep everyone else in the loop.

    Best Regards,


    IG: Sibella R.E. Listrotov
    OOG: Chelsea Baldwin

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