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    The Order of the Iron Scales’s explorations of the Hinterlands region Westerland have discovered another prospect Our Lady declares best explored by adventurers. Our mutually satisfactory previous arrangements, regarding lode stones and yeti, marked Northwatch out as the best in the business.

    Though we hope the future might hold more chances to work together, what we have found marks the final mystery uncovered within the finite region which Lady Steelscale stewards, and we’d be honored for you to be the ones investigating what we’re calling the Last Anamoly.

    The Last Anamoly is a curious doorway made of light opens into a weird sevenfold realm.
    It is doubtlessly the sanctuary of a long lost wizard, coven, or magical being.

    We, the Order of the Iron Scales, invite you to document it’s dangers (and eliminate them as possible), while seeking for a Place of Power that likes at it’s end.

    Auras of magic have been sensed within and the objects we believe they emanate from are yours, should you be up to this task.

    Additionally, adventuring ‘kits’ will be given to those who answer the call. A squire will be stationed for this purpose and to answer questions at the Last Anamoly which is four leauges northwest of prior meeting spot.

    Imperium Per Ordinem, Ordine Per Imperium

    Scribed by Squire Deowulf, for our
    Lady Crohan Steelscale.



    Squire Deowulf,

    You can count me in.

    If I am to become a Dragon, I will need to explore Places of Power and experience all manner of strange magics.

    So what is your lady hoping to accomplish, by sending us in?

    Why does she want us to document the The Last Anamoly? Is she looking for something in particular, or is this just to satisfy her curiosity? What is known about the Place of Power at the end of the sevenfold realm?

    Bannor of Harrowheim



    Is there a proper payment attached to this task? A specific contract? Or is it just a bit of plunder?


    Sitka Andromeda



    Greetings Squire and Lady,

    May I ask what your intentions for the place of power may be after we give you the requested information?


    Wizard Reginald Manyhome

    Sage of Northwatch


    Marley Sage



    It will be an honor to see you again. I have been promoted and may use my name, since we spoke last month,

    Desired knowledge includes but is not limited by seeking about the size and character of the realm, it’s creator or creators and their intentions, the strength, nature, and other pertinent information about any unusual magic entrants are exposed. Spell formed Records are desirable but non-essential if full oral reports can be given to me that night. Knowledge of how to navigate or suppress any guardians or entrapments and advice on the nature of and what to do with the Place is also desired. It is out of a duty to be aware of and respond efficiently to ongoings in the region she now stewards for the monarchy of Westerland. I would emphasize that the Hinterlands are the very border with Dragonheld and so I would not be shocked if this is some Draconic remnant.

    We have learned little of what lays on the others side of the doorway, though I am advised it was discerned that the sevenfold nature refers to different areas within and  is related somehow to the spectrum of light, along with its absence: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black, and white. No one has passed through even into the red region, though the detections employed from without discerned the Place of Power itself is in the white area and demarked by glowing shards. I am severely not a man of arcane thoughts, so my comments are of limited use.

    This size of the doorway of light changes. This Record was made several days ago when our first efforts were made.

    It has become approximately equal to manor gate and we have built a small encampment around it.

    Though we wish it noted that adventure kit and payment of the items within is quite generous, I have also arranged for a Merchant of Westerland to attend us with wares for your perusal and one of the Order’s Scholars to Questions of Importance for answer or research.

    Wizard Manyhome,

    Lady Crohane usually prefers to leave undisturbed magic that which is of no threat or use and to safely claim and utilize magical phenomena with clear civic or martial purpose and to wreck dangerous examples of the same. In the event, it needs to be destroyed and you both advocate it and have the means to do so


    Finally, I have arranged for 40 silver to be paid to Sitka Andromeda & the Companions of Northwatch, pending your signature on arrival.

    Squire Deowulf
    Order of the Iron Scales

    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Coordinator

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer



    Squire Deowulf,

    Congratulations on your promotion!

    Investigating an abandoned magical sanctuary sounds quite exciting.  Unfortunately the majority of The Brotherhood of the Dark Star are otherwise occupied, but I am available and will be glad to aid where I can in this.

    -Zyra Goldenmane

    –Treasurer of The Brotherhood of The Dark Star

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