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    I’ve mentioned that I tend to build my characters out in ten skill point increments. I use a google spreadsheet to do this, and recently beefed it up to do a good bit of the work automatically (specifically assigning costs to abilities). This spreadsheet makes it really easy to plan for character growth, set aside skill points for when you are hitting one of those 100 benchmarks and can purchase classes or force skills, and makes updating really smooth. I’m going to attempt to attach them to this post, they have been converted to Excel so that may have messed them up slightly but likely only the conditional formatting as the formulas I used should function in both Excel and Sheets. You may notice the two sheets look almost the same, one is for if you pick the 2 utility option at 300 skill points and the other is for if you go with the single combat. They don’t really allow for retrainings, and I have them set as a default of purchasing all lore slots that are available.



    Marley Sage

    That’s a fine resource you’ve put together there!

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    Thanks for sharing Shinai!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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