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    While I may choose to join the Merchanting Guild, I am not a Merchant. My aim is to use my skill with Artifice to forge you suits of armor and shields that are resilient, and which are worthy of the glory which we will claim together as we strike down our enemies.

    I do not intend to use the armorer’s talents, in which Ragnar TallCastle has mentored me, to squeeze my brothers & sisters in arms so that I can personally profit. If you are a worthy companion, and you have need of my time, I will ask only that you pay me enough to aid me in covering the cost of my research.

    I find it deeply troubling that my fellow adventurers so often charge one another twice the creation cost of the equipment that we make. Such prices are far too high for those who fight and bleed at my side.

    I am capable of crafting MasterWork Armor, Resilient Weave Armor, and Master Tier Defender GuardStones. If you have little coin, then I can still forge for you a Superior Suit of Armor (+3) and will rarely ask for more than one Onyx, one Philosopher’s Dust, and 9 Silver coins.

    Let me know if you have need of my skills.

    Bannor of Harrowheim



    Also, Valeron asked me to post a list of the ArmorSmithing Schema that I possess. Such is tedious work, but he is the Merchant Guild Master, and more importantly, he is a brother SpellBlade in apprenticeship to the legendary Ragnar TallCastle.

    If you need any of the following to be crafted, I will be able to help. These Schema all expire in September of this year, though some of these are within my ability to craft without requiring schema.

    • Hunkered Stone
    • Hunkered Durability
    • Countering Shield (Apprentice)
    • Sure Grip (Master)
    • Preservation
    • Lasting Armor Polish (Perk)
    • Double Perk (Armor/Shield Enhancement)
    • Stalwart (Journeyman)
    • Dodge (Journeyman)
    • Parry (Apprentice)
    • Vitality (Apprentice)
    • Reflect Magic
    • Vitality 10 Polish
    • Dying Breath



    Bannor of Harrowheim



    Since Northwatch came into a sudden supply of Schema, I suppose it’s time I remind folks that I’m an Armor Artificer.

    If you need armor, and you live in Northwatch, I’ll craft it for you at a price that’s not much above the cost of the supplies.

    Bannor of Harrowheim



    I have sent you a pigeon with an order. I hope that you can see to it in time. Thanks. Jovi Smash

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