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    As of April 2019, two new rules have gone into effect for all Mythic Realms events (until further notice).

    The first rule impacts characters who are healed after being struck down in battle, effectively causing characters to be dazed and disoriented unless they are restored using abilities which are more powerful than basic healing. The second rule impacts characters who cast the Force Restore Spirit spell, effectively requiring spellcasters to purposefully build up their mystic magic before they are able to bring the spell to bear.

    Rule #1: When a character is brought out of their bleed count, they are immediately affected by a ‘Daze’ which cannot be resisted by any defense. The duration of the ‘Daze’ effect is 10 seconds, which begins just as the character receives the healing effect.

    As such, if a character is in their bleed count and is restored by any effect which would remove ‘Daze’ (such as Grant Well Being, Panacea Salve, or Restore Spirit) then the ‘Daze’ effect is instantly removed.

    Rule #2: The ‘Force Restore Your Spirit’ Spell (whether used through a scroll, magic item, or character skill) now requires a 5-count to use. If the caster takes damage during the 5-count, then the count is interrupted.

    Clarifications –

      – ‘Lay On Hands’ Restore Spirit remains unchanged.
      – ‘Hand of Life’ and ‘Storm of Life’ remain unchanged.
      – When casting using your character skill, use a standard 5-count incant. Example: “I Summon Life 1, I Summon Life 2… I Summon Life 5, Force Restore Your Spirit”
      – For scrolls, use an incant of I Summon Scroll 1, I Summon Scroll 2… I Summon Scroll 5 to Force Restore Your Spirit.
      – For magic items, speak the Activation Phrase (Usually just “Activate”) and then use the standard “I Summon Life” 5-count incant.

    Note: As with all Rules in Mythic Realms, the above may not apply to special creatures (or even common Non-Player Characters). Most characters in the world of Mythic Realms are not Northwatch Adventurers, and as such, they are not designed using the same rules which are used to build/play PC Characters. As an example, you may encounter NPCs who require a 10-count incant to cast ‘Force Restore Your Spirit’, just as you may often encounter NPCs who require a full month of rest before they get their PC “daily” skills back.

    Please feel free to start a separate thread if there are questions. We will update this post with additional official clarifications if needed.

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