As Winterfest celebrations all over Terath come to a close, the people of Falconcrest find that they have an additional reason to celebrate the coming year. Prince Eric Falconcrest, grandson of King Aleric Falconcrest, has been named the Hand of the King.

Though a new title, the people of Falconcrest find themselves overjoyed that one of the Falconcrest bloodline will be aiding and advising the king.

Wasting no time, Prince Eric has issued his first proclamation in his new capacity as Hand of the King

People of Falconcrest,

It is with great pleasure that, as my first official duty as Hand of the King, I name Reginald Manyhome Sage of Falconcrest. Sage Manyhome spent his apprenticeship under the Wizard Daryoon Anairo, who was in turn Apprenticed to the great Wizard Thalomere.

With this lineage of magic, his years of experience as the Sage of the Northwatch chapter of the Falconcrest Mages Guild, and his exceptional leadership skills, we are excited to see the guild grow and flourish.

Long may Falconcrest Prosper!

Honor Above All
Prince Eric Falconcrest
Hand of the King