Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Event costs vary depending on the type of event and how many skill points you want to earn from attending:

Half-day and full-day events cost $6 if you want one(1) skill point, and $10 if you want two(2) skill points.

Full weekend events (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) cost $36 for four(4) skill points.

Playing an NPC is always FREE!

Where do you play?
We run events at a number of parks and campgrounds throughout Utah. A few of our favorite locations include Crestwood Park, Big Cottonwood Regional Park, Dimple Dell Park, and Middle Canyon Campground. In the winter months, and for special events, we run events inside the Castle of Chaos.
How often do you play?
There is usually a half-day event every Wednesday. If there is enough demand, we hold full-day events on Saturdays.

Once per month we hold an Open House where people can update their characters, help repair boffer weapons, and hang out with other players.

May through September is the campout season. Full weekend events usually take place once each month in addition to Wednesday events.

All our events can be found on the Mythic Realms Calendar!

Do I have to attend every event?
There is no minimum requrement for attending events. Come as often or as little as you like! Be aware, however, that the storylines are constantly evolving, so attend as often as you are able in order to stay in-the-know.

We try to schedule each storyline one event per month, so if your schedule is limited, then hopefully you can at least attend events for one storyline.

What should I wear when I play?
The main storyline in Mythic Realms takes place in a medieval fantasy realm, so if you are playing a PC, then you should wear whatever your character would wear–or at least a costume representation of it. You’ll see many of our players in real leather armor, chainmail shirts, masks, hooded cloaks or period tabards. We don’t require that your costume be historically accurate, but avoiding tennis shoes and jeans means a more imersive environment for all our players.

NPCs are encouraged to wear something comfortable and durable that they can move in easily as they will be putting costumes over their existing clothes.

We suggest that everyone wear sturdy, comfortable shoes that they can run in. Chances are, you’ll be doing a fair amount of it.

How does combat work?
Boffer combat is done with padded foam weapons, typically pvc pipe covered with fun noodle and secured with fabric or duct tape. Latex-foam weapons are often used by our players (PCs) as well.

Everyone has a number of hit points (in addition to armor, defenses and combat skills). During combat, PC’s and NPC’s attempt to hit each other with their foam weapons. Each time a person swings their weapon, they state the damage number and damage type of their weapon. If the weapon makes contact with an opponent, that person deducts that number from their current hit points.


Jane has 5 hit points. Tom swings a sword that does 2 points of normal damage. He says “two normal” and hits Jane. Jane now has 3 hit points left.

Where do I get weapons and costumes?
Many players purchase their costumes online. Others make their own costumes. The same is true for weapons.

If you’re shopping online, just do a Google search using keywords like “medieval clothes”, “garb”, or “LARP equipment”.

If you posess the talent and want to make your own costumes, there are many guides online to help you get started.

How do I level up my character?
As a player participates in Mythic Realms through adventuring as a Player Character (PC) or by building the world as a
Non-Player Character (NPC), they begin to accumulate Skill Points. These skill points are spent to increase a character’s
power in many different ways, the primary being through the purchasing of skills. However, a character gains other benefits
as they accumulate skill points, regardless of which skills the character purchases.

For more information, check out our Rulebook!

Character updates are typically done at the montly Open House. Check the Mythic Realms Calendar for info on all our upcoming events.

What are the incentives for playing an NPC?

The following are the rewards that Mythic Realms gives to players who NPC an event from beginning to end. This is one of the many ways we try to say thank you to all of those who step up and help make the game so fantastic. Thank you!

Half Day Adventure – Gain 2 Skill Points, 4 Mythic Points, and one of the following:

  • 2 Additional Skill Points
  • $5 in Mythic Realms Credit
  • An Advantaged Research Roll*

Full Day Adventure – Gain 2 Skill Points, 4 Mythic Points, and one of the following:

  • 2 Additional Skill Points
  • $5 in Mythic Realms Credit
  • An Advantaged Research Roll*

Overnighter Event – Gain 4 Skill Points, 8 Mythic Points, and one of the following:

  • 4 Additional Skill Points
  • $10 in Mythic Realms Credit
  • An Advantaged Research Roll*

Weekender Event – Gain 6 Skill Points, 12 Mythic Points, Half-Price food at the Tavern, and one of the following:

  • 6 Additional Skill Points
  • $15 in Mythic Realms Credit
  • Two Advantaged Research Rolls*

Note: In addition to the rewards mentioned above, bonus Mythic Points are almost always awarded to players who NPC multiple times in a given month, and are also often given to players who go the extra mile when NPCing. We also have a bonus MP program that grants additional MP for people who NPC multiple events in a month on a scaling basis. 2 MP for 1 event, 6 MP for 2 events, 12 MP for 3 events, 20 MP for 4 events, and 30 MP for 5 events. This is in addition to any already received on the module, so it is a great way for people to earn up for those pesky item renewals.

How old do you have to be to play?
In order to participate in combat, we prefer that players be at least 14 years of age. Players younger than 14 are allowed to participate in non-combat roles as long as they wear a red “page tabard” designating them as non-combat players.

Still have questions?

Feel free to post in the forums!

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