March 25, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

In an attempt to help Social Distancing, we have elected to change this event and instead try to get together on Discord. Michelle & Chris Berry have been kind enough to set up a Discord Service for us, and the invite to join the Mythic Realms community can be found below.

Invite Link

Discord Website

The plan is to get together at around 7 pm for a Voice Chat fireside style event, which will also include a few experimental small tabletop style adventures.

An Adventure On Discord –
A few people have volunteered to run short adventures for small groups of PCs in a tabletop style. Some of the adventures will use rules inspired by the Monster of The Week tabletop game. If you will be PCing on one of the adventures which use this approach, you will first need to assign stats to your character. The stats for next Wednesday’s experiment are as follows –

Cool is how calm and collected you are, especially when acting under pressure.
Tough is how strong and mean you are in a fight.
Charm is how pleasant and persuasive you are.
Sharp is how observant you are.
Weird is how attuned to magic & the supernatural you are.

Before getting started, participating PCs would assign stats to their character by picking one of the Stat Sets below. Don’t worry about these being a permanent assignment for your character, this is very experimental and we may or may not decide to use this approach again. Regardless, you can feel free to change things up if we do use this method in the future.

Stat Set #1 • Charm+2 Cool-1 Sharp+1 Tough+2 Weird-1
Stat Set #2 • Charm-1 Cool+2 Sharp+1 Tough+2 Weird-1
Stat Set #3 • Charm+1 Cool+2 Sharp+1 Tough+1 Weird-1
Stat Set #4 • Charm-1 Cool+1 Sharp+2 Tough-1 Weird+2
Stat Set #5 • Charm+1 Cool+2 Sharp-1 Tough-1 Weird+2
Stat Set #6 • Charm-1 Cool+1 Sharp+2 Tough+1 Weird=0
Stat Set #7 • Charm=0 Cool+1 Sharp+2 Tough-1 Weird+1
Stat Set #8 • Charm+1 Cool-1 Sharp+2 Tough+1 Weird=0
Stat Set #9 • Charm-1 Cool+1 Sharp+2 Tough=0 Weird+1
Stat Set #10 • Charm-1 Cool=0 Sharp+2 Tough-1 Weird+2
Stat Set #11 • Charm=0 Cool+1 Sharp-1 Tough+2 Weird+1
Stat Set #12 • Charm=0 Cool=0 Sharp+1 Tough+2 Weird=0
Stat Set #13 • Charm+1 Cool=0 Sharp+1 Tough+2 Weird-1
Stat Set #14 • Charm-1 Cool-1 Sharp=0 Tough+2 Weird+2
Stat Set #15 • Charm+1 Cool-1 Sharp=0 Tough+2 Weird+1
Stat Set #16 • Charm+1 Cool+1 Sharp+2 Tough-1 Weird=0
Stat Set #17 • Charm+1 Cool-1 Sharp+2 Tough=0 Weird+1
Stat Set #18 • Charm-1 Cool-1 Sharp+2 Tough=0 Weird+2
Stat Set #19 • Charm+2 Cool+2 Sharp=0 Tough-1 Weird-1
Stat Set #20 • Charm+2 Cool=0 Sharp-1 Tough+1 Weird+1
Stat Set #21 • Charm=0 Cool+2 Sharp-1 Tough+2 Weird-1
Stat Set #22 • Charm-1 Cool+2 Sharp+1 Tough+1 Weird=0
Stat Set #23 • Charm+1 Cool+2 Sharp+1 Tough-1 Weird=0
Stat Set #24 • Charm-1 Cool+2 Sharp+1 Tough=0 Weird+1
Stat Set #25 • Charm=0 Cool+2 Sharp+2 Tough-1 Weird-1

Experienced Adventurers –
For this event, characters who possess more than 300 skill points can apply +1 to a single one of the stats in their chosen set.

Taking Actions –
When a player wants to do something, they tell the runner what their action is. The runner then decides whether or not a roll is needed, and then tells the player which stat applies (e.g., stabbing a goblin might use Tough as the stat, while stabbing a Demon might use Cool instead, and stabbing a Golem might use sharp to find a weak spot). The player then rolls 2 six-sided dice and adds the relevant stat to the total.

Success (10+) – You succeed!
Partial success (6-9) – You succeed, but with a worse outcome, hard choice, or price to pay.
Miss (5-) – Your action fails. But your bad luck won’t last forever. You gain +1 to a future roll of your choice. (If you roll a miss multiple times, you can save up multiple +1’s to use on the same roll if desired).

Rolling Dice on Discord
On occasion, there may be a need for you to roll dice to see if your character can accomplish something. This is done by using dice rolls through the Discord Sidekick bot. Simply type /r followed by a space and then the dice you’d like to roll.

Example #1:
You might use this to represent your character gambling in the Tavern.
Character A: /r 1d6 … they get a 4.

Example #2:
You might be asked by a runner to roll your Cool stat when trying to protect a fellow adventurer from a monster attack.
Character B: /r 2d6 +2 … (3 + 5 ) +2 they get a 10. Success!

You can use other dice as well. d10, d20, etc. Sidekick can deal cards as well using /r deal
For more information on what Sidekick can do, see the guide at: https://github.com/ArtemGr/Sidekick


Mike M.

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