May 25, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
10370 1300 E
Sandy, UT 84094

Sign Up: HERE

Logistics/Check In @ 9:30 AM ; In Game @ 10:00 AM

PC Cost: $10 for 2 Skill Point
NPC Cost: Free and Earn Rewards

Event Location: Dimple Dell Park (1300 East 10370 South Entrance)

Run By: Zach

Teaser: With the M’Reg’s ability to eternally return from death taken from them, and the White King’s power broken, what is the fate of a war torn Lairroth?

Join us for the finale of the M’Reg War.

Artifice, Class, or Ritual Training:
If you are in need of Class Training, please E-mail mythicplot@gmail.com with the subject line “Training for May”. A text, IM, or call is not sufficient. This does not guarantee Training in any way. You must still pursue In Game channels for your training (Classes, Ritual Magic, and Artifice skills) and Class Levels may only be trained a maximum of one per day.

PC Sign Up
Please reply to this post with your real name and state whether going to PC/NPC. Give us accurate information and a clear sense of your attendance. If you are PCing, first state the name of the Character or Characters you will be playing. If you are NPCing (or doing so partially for an Overnight or Weekend Event) it is requested that you inform us of your availability if it is not the full event. As a courtesy, if you plan to PC but are willing to NPC, please state that you will ‘NPC on request’.

Signing up means that treasure will be proportionally generated to include your character. The earlier you sign up, the more likely it is that the Event Runner will notice and include an in-game nod to your presence. A record of always attending when you say you will qualify you for rewards at Open Houses.

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