August 2, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
3686 Rushton View Dr
South Jordan UT 84009

This is a private event for players who participate in the Arbor Isles campaign.

Location: 3686 Rushton View Dr, South Jordan UT 84009
Time: 6 PM
Costume level: None to Light
Food: Berry’s will have small sandwiches, Bring finger foods to share
Drinks: Bring your own – Alcohol is fine
Player Slots: 5 to 7 players are needed (Max is currently 7)

What is this event?

This event allows the PCs to play out the War in the Arbor Isles by using a board game that several of us created. I am attaching a pic to show you. The game needs about 5 to 7 players to represent the rebel factions (Evil terrorist) while an Arbor Isles Plot member will play the Crusaders (The good guys!).

There are two parts to this event. There is the Strategic Map where the PCs decide WHERE the armies go. There is the Battle Map when the Armies MEET to fight.

How this plays out in the world? Currently the Crusade owns or controls large portions of the Arbor Isles. The more they are pushed back, the easier it will be for the PCs to help resolve the mystery of what happened in the world.

If you could post here and let us know who is coming. That would be great. So we can plan.

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