Downtime Submissions

Downtime Submission Rules

Doing some investigating inbetween events? Here’s what you need to know.

Downtime is how your character accomplishes things between modules. Gather or send information, assist in efforts, research, etc. 

  • One email per month may be submitted per character. You may also submit downtime directly via email to
  • All In Character Downtime will cost pence. This is to represent your character acting outside their normal day-to-day life and in so doing, incurring the cost of such activities. Please select how much pence you are willing to spend. This will be collected at the following event.
  • You may list more than one action that you want to accomplish for the month. Please list them in order of importance. We will provide responses to each item until we have determined that your time has been filled. 
  • Other characters may assist in your downtime actions but this will deduct from other actions they might pursue on their own. Also, be aware that they will be looped into the information given and at times may receive information separate from the primary downtime submitter. They may or may not decide to share that information with you. So choose your helpers carefully.
  • List your Race, Class, Profession, and any other relevant information you feel might help your character accomplish their task. 
  • Keep in mind travel is slow. There are no cars, trains, or even horses. Flying on an Airship is not cheap either. 
  • Time and Dates are based on the Real World. If it is Saturday when you send the Downtime in, then it is Saturday in game too. The year is different of course. It is 1885, ten years after the end of the Long Dark.
  • If your character comes across a dangerous situation in the course of their activities, the response from us will be that they immediately retreat and if you wish to proceed, it needs to be done in a module. 
  • Please try to get your downtime submissions in early in the month. These submissions are how you (the player) can drive the plot and guide the course that the modules will take, so we need time to turn your downtimes submissions into modules.

Downtime can also be done via Discord or in person with a member of Clockwork plot! Not just via email. So if email is not for you, contact a member of plot and see if something else can be arranged!

Money Spent

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