Downtime Submissions

Downtime Submission Rules

Doing some investigating inbetween events? Here’s what you need to know.

Downtime Rules

We wish to prompt RP during downtime and by this we mean that your character can perform certain actions in between modules. What this entails is your character performing actions that are outside their normal routine. Such as hitting libraries and bookshops to do research, watching the local soup house to see if anything odd or strange is going on, writing letters to other players or NPCs, or even going on long walks in the Underground.


All In Character Downtime will cost you. This is to represent your character acting outside their normal day to day life and in so doing, incurring the cost of such activities. This may fluctuate based on what you want to do. For example, hitting several libraries and bookshops may only cost you 3 pence but traveling to Bristol to get information from a source may cost you 20 pence.


Make sure you put the following in on your submission. Your Race, Class, Jobs and any relevant information you feel should help your character accomplish their task. Use common sense, if you’re just writing a letter, we don’t need to know this information but if you are trying to write an encrypted letter then yes, we will need this information.


Keep in mind travel is slow. There are no cars, trains, or even horses. Flying on an Airship is not cheap either. Walking across London from wall to wall can be done in a day. But it will take all day. (Yes, I am aware that this is not the case in present day London but present day London isn’t a wreck like Clockwork London is). Simply keep in mind that it takes time to do things. If you want to visit every library in London. That could take weeks so you may not get it all done before the next module.


Time and Dates are based on the Real World. If it is Saturday when you send the Downtime in, then it is Saturday in game too. The year is different of course. It is 1885, ten years after the end of the Long Dark.


Keep your request to a summary. We don’t need a book. Try to keep it under 500 words and please for the love of Cthulhu; use paragraphs, punctuation, and actual sentence structure. Even if your character is illiterate we still need to understand what you want to accomplish. This page is about 500 words. We reserve the right to ask you to clarify your submission.

Now. That said, what you write in your letters to NPCs or PCs… you can be as illiterate as you want.


Danger! In the Downtime RP, if at any point your character comes across a dangerous situation. The response from us will be that they immediately retreat and if you wish to proceed, it needs to be done in a module. We will not go back and forth via email to determine any outcome.

Discord may be an option later on.

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