The Clockwork Realms Library

The Clockwork Realms Rules Supplement

These rules are specific to the Clockwork Realms campaign, and are meant to be used as an addendum to the core Mythic Realms rules.

The Clockwork Realms Character Questionnaire

Rather than submit a writen character history, we request that all new characters fill out this online questionnaire.

Clockwork Realms Gun Rules

Firearms exist in the Clockwork realms, but they are no longer the primary weapon that they once were. Learn about our gun rules here.

Clockwork Schematics and Fabrications

A Schematic is a set of instructions that allow you to build an item or cast a ritual. Fabrications are items your character can create that last a single logistics.

Letters & Documents

A gathering place for clues, discoveries, and revelations.

Downtime Submissions

Let us know what you’re character is doing between events.

The Mentors

Dr. John H. Watson ((Will update Picture soon))

Born in 1842, on the 7th of August. Dr. Watson served as a medical doctor in the 4th Regiment of the Foot (King’s Own). Is the author of several books all detailing the life and adventurs of Sherlock Holmes. Currently works as an advisor to the Iron Queen.

Elder Arom

Part of the Mason’s council in London. His father was the lead architect of the Wall, and his family has had a place of honor since that day. He is mostly known for leading many of the missions outside the walls. His blessing is often sought after by the farmers who supply the food for the cities.

Sir Darius Othar

Famed adventurer, acclaimed gentleman, and Knight of the Iron Queen is well known throughout London, and even most of Europe has heard of his many heroic exploits. Sir Othar and his wife, Veronica Othar are known for taking down horrible beasts, cults, and thwarting dastardly plans throughout London, all in Her Majesty’s name. While Veronica Othar has opted to retire from the adventuring wife after too many close calls, Sir Othar continues his campaign against the evil and wicked forces plaguing London’s streets.

Emma Wood

Scholar who mostly keeps to herself. She has some connections to The Academy, a poor shadow of prior collegiate knowledge before the Long Dark. Her specialties are known to be geology and biology. It is suspected she has a connection to the underground “Book Room” because of her penchant for keys and other unsettling curiosities.

Erik Kellar

One of founding members of the Society of Ancient Magics(S.A.M.), a group devoted to the discovery of lost and hidden magics. The society also takes pride in publicly outing charlatans for misuse or fraudulent uses of magic. Erik spends much of his time searching for artifacts and rituals that can help humanity survive whatever horrors continue to await them.

Roberta "Bobbi" Peel

 Currently the Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard (and of all London Police) and not a hard figure to recognize with her rainbow hair and long wings. She rose through the ranks of police and finally landing as the chief. She has brought reform to police keeping it together during the Long Dark and is now considered the founder of what we consider modern Scotland Yard, giving the name Bobbys.


Little is known about James other than he works with the NeverWhere Consortium.