My Friends,

These are dark days.

Rumors continue to rise regarding a necrotic contest among the undead, known as the Blood-Feast. It is said that The Prince of Wights seeks to claim victory in this contest in order to bring the grasp of death down upon Terath.

The frighteningly powerful “Crippled Pale One” as well as the treacherous shape-shifting Forsaken creature known as “The One” both survive and continue to plot in the shadows. Meanwhile, the Vast Forest in The Kingdom of Haven has remained blighted with necromantic taint even after dozens of attempts to cleanse the corruption. What’s more, a lethal plague still lingers in Citadel City, having claimed hundreds if not thousands of lives during the past year. And now the militant Kingdom of Ebrus has sent forth their soldiers to shake their spears and threaten war against both my homeland and against the Kingdom of Falconcrest… dark days indeed.

And yet, somehow, I still hold great hope for the future. The alliance between the kingdoms of Falconcrest and Haven remains strong. The Wizards of the Rhouman Guard continue to humble me with their displays of skill, ingenuity, and generosity. High Queen Embla Vanir rules with wisdom and bravery. And there is still a chance that war might yet be avoided. There are still cures which might be discovered which could aid the people of Citadel. And there are still paths which we can explore in search of our quest to cleanse the necrotic blight from the Vast Forest.

In these dark times, hope still sheds a light upon each of us.

I had thought, that perhaps, you and I could celebrate the flickering of that triumphant light together. Some may say that there is not much to celebrate these days, but I would disagree. I say that we should celebrate the renewing of old friendships and the forging of new ones. I say that we can still join together to raise a glass towards the dream that this next year will be better than the last.

What say you all?

I cannot promise a gathering of imperial Representatives from Rhoum in Verath, nor can I promise to have Great Dragons and Primordial Heralds in attendance. But if you were to join me for Winterfest, I promise my hospitality – warm food and cold drinks. I promise engaging conversation, and even a few suggestions as to where you might venture to find treasure, fortune, or fame. And perhaps, while we are at it, we can put our heads together and discuss ways to make this world into a better place.

By My Hand,

King Vol

Kingdom of Haven

High Wizard of The Rhouman Guard

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