Across the taverns of Terath, tankards and glasses are raised in both celebration and mourning. The Prince of Wights has been defeated, and his forces have been broken and scattered. Many wonder though just who this self styled ‘Prince’ was, as much of his history is shrouded in mystery.

Some believe him to be no more than a powerful undead that sought to rule, while others ponder the claims that he was a blood relation to the most famous of Terath’s high rules, Queen Octavia. Regardless of the truth, may speak in hushed tones about the Kingdom of the Night, and their absence during this struggle. Lending credence to rumors that this Prince of Wights was one of their own, and they distanced themselves in hopes of his victory.

Though the Prince’s forces were defeated, for many kingdoms the cost was dear. The Kingdom of Falconcrest has declared a period of mourning at the loss of two of their most respected leaders. Baron Marcus Deveroux and Lord Edward dan Brock. Both giving their lives to protect the people of Falconcrest from the the Prince of Wights.

In the Broken City, Lord Marshal Vorhil’il Celestion of the Rhouman Guard gave a stirring speech in honor of those who stood in defense of the cities threatened by the Prince of Wights. Many were present not only for the speech, but to confirm if the rumors regarding the restoration of his eyesight were true.

It is said that his sight was lost fighting the Skarren Shadowlord during the Pale War. Though many had attempted to heal the wound, the dark magiks of the Shadowlord blocked the return of his sight. Rumor has it that Dame Silmarwen Earfalas had worked for years on developing a cure, and with the assistance of the medical artificer Kaine Tharth of Northwatch they were able to restore the Lord Marshall’s lost sight.