As many scholars and wise women know well, there is a strange and mysterious force which rises and flows over the world unpredictably, every few years or so. This force is known as The Winds of Change, for it is always accompanied by the presence of a gale or breeze. And with it, this power brings alteration and transmutation. Weaves of magic can be transformed, new secrets of Ritual magic & crafter’s Artifice can be revealed, and many stories even speak of rare individuals whose race or abilities are completely transformed by the passing of The Winds of Change.

This spring, as the Winds of Change swept over the lands of Cyrillia, a strange and disharmonious spiritual energy has also risen in the wake of the old transformational power. Much as an unexpected and unwelcome echo to the Winds of Change, this spiritual disharmony acted as an amplification of sorts, causing some scholars to speculate that someone or something has intentionally attempted to warp & twist the spiritual mystic energies of Cyrillia in a manner that has resulted in a frightening outcome.

The original intent of these spiritual manipulations is as of yet unknown. Some have suggested that this could be the result of a benign grand magical experiment gone wrong, while others have speculated that these changes are just the tip of the iceberg for something much more nefarious, but what is known for certain is that the casting of lifesaving Restore Spirit spells has become notably more difficult for any powerful Mystic Spellcaster who possesses the skill to perform the spell.

Wizards, Spiritualists, & scholars of all sorts seem to be in agreement that the magical wave of spiritual disharmony that appeared in the wake of the Winds of Change was somehow separate from the Winds themselves, and now conversation in taverns and noble courts alike have suggested that a Demon Lord or the Arch Lich Tal Sigor could be behind this dreadful event. What’s more, there are reports in both Lairroth & Terath that a number of established Circles of Life have vanished or suddenly faded.

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