As spring begins to push aside the winter’s chill, the people of Terath find themselves busy preparing for the coming year. Though most celebrations are had once the summer has fully begun, the nation of Falconcrest has hosted a number of large celebrations over the past two months. Aleric Falconcrest, the Kingdoms founder and namesake has returned from his long absence and King Galathule declared a period of celebration to welcome him back.

As the celebrations closed, the following proclamation was issued:

Attention, people of Falconcrest. Many of you have heard of the return of Aleric Falconcrest from his journey to the old continent. The former king of Falconcrest was welcomed back to Citadel with great celebration and warmth. Aleric, and His Majesty King Gilrandir Galathule, have spent many weeks in counsel discussing the future of the kingdom of Falconcrest. By their combined wisdom they have determined to finalize and make public:

That Aleric Falconcrest’s abdication of the throne of the kingdom of Falconcrest is complete, final, and binding. Aleric Falconcrest relinquishes all claim and right to the Throne of Falconcrest forever.

That Aleric Falconcrest will not accept any appointment or offer to be named a High Lord of Falconcrest or Heir to the Throne of Falconcrest.

Furthermore, His Majesty, King Gilrandir Galathule, wishes to make it known that he intends to act upon Aleric’s wise counsel. In the coming months he will appoint a new High Lord of Falconcrest. Whomever shall be appointed as the High Lord will also likely be designated as the official heir of His Majesty, King Gilrandir Galathule of the Kingdom of Falconcrest.

It is His Majesty’s sincerest hope that such an arrangement will strengthen the stability of the kingdom’s future and provide an environment of optimism and prosperity for all of the people of Falconcrest, citizen and otherwise.

Written in the name of King Gilrandir Galthule
Kingdom of Falconcrest
Honor Above All

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