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Mythic Realms was created in 1999 by a dedicated group of fantasy role-playing enthusiasts who wanted to provide all participants with an exciting and emersive live action role-playing experience.

We’ve been in operation for nearly 20 years! In that time we’ve honed our story-telling skills, refined our rules, and continued to provide a game system that has kept our players happy for more than two decades!

Besides a balanced rules system, an in-depth world, and dedicated staff members, we’ve found that making a special effort to involve each character in the story is a big part of why our players love the game. Each month, our plot team meets to discuss the goals, efforts and actions of each character. You’re not just a number among the masses here. You’re an important player in our ever-evolving world.

“It’s make-believe for adults!”

– Suzanne, Mother and Dog Groomer

“LARP is a great way to get away from the monotony of everyday life.”

– Shantal, in-line pipeline inspection data analyst

“Come beat people up with foam weapons.”

– Ari, High School Student

Meet our staff:

Feel free to contact us directly.

Or if you’d like to meet us in person, come to our monthly open house! Check the Event Calendar for details.

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Grant Martin

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General Email: mythicplot@gmail.com