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    Chris W

      I may be spelling the name wrong, but has anyone seen Zephyte?

      I have something I wanted to discuss with him, but I haven’t noticed him around in a very long time.

      Marley Sage

        I am unfamiliar with the fellow, perhaps you could render a depiction? Also, may I ask who is asking?

        ~Vladamair Garadetzsky

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        Chris W

          Zephyte is a fighter-type that used to be around quite a lot. Very handy fellow.

          Apologies for lack of signature before.


          J’hunai Noquar

            I probably haven’t heard from him since last summer. He said he travels all of the time and rarely has access to the magical boards. Sending pigeons might be easier, but I’m not certain.

            Sheriff Silmarwen Earfalas

            J'hunai Noquar
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              I haven’t seen Zeyphite since the Crypt of the Elevens. While I’m not sure how to contact him, I think Xukkuth might. He always keeps tabs on the old members of the Red Band. Hope that helps…if not, oh well.

              Ember the Druid

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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