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    Nick (Ghost)

      ((OOG Note: The XX designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters.))

      We have received information carefully encoded from someone claiming they cannot name themselves about the location of a cache of information that may have been left by Queen Octavia and her allies. We believe that this vault, if it exists, is located somewhere in Northern Akeron, roughly 50 miles south of a town called Ember that I believe you visited last month at some point, and have been informed it is near a pool of water that glitters with starlight, even during midday. We initially dismissed this report, but in the last week we have received reports of the movement of undead forces in the area, as well as rumors of a Vampire.

      As we are dealing with a number of suspicious deaths and internal investigations, we don’t have the resources at this time to look into it further. If you do investigate, please be careful, the number of undead in the area has us concerned, and this is likely to be dangerous for the unprepared, and we don’t know if we can trust whoever has been sending us these messages.
      – Captain Larrian Arensteal, Westerland Royal Gaurd

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