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    Nick (Ghost)

      We have received further reports of undead activity as well as a sighting of a Vampire in southern Akeron, as well as reports of an individual who matches descriptions for an individual of interest in our ongoing investigation into the events surrounding the attack on Keep Lysandrie where you fought Suborn in late August. Unfortunately, due to the high risk nature of the situation, and the political issues of sending a formal military investigation into Akeron, we cannot investigate these rumors ourselves.

      We would appreciate it if Northwatch could travel to Akeron this week and determine if these individuals are present, and what they might be up to. Any information you can provide us will be a help to our ongoing investigation, however due to the people involved we anticipate this will be a HIGH RISK endeavor. Please proceed with caution.

      – Captain Larrian Arensteal, Westerland Royal Gaurd

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