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      I generally agree, with regards to Svargus. But I volunteer to be a go-between if we decide to manipulate him, as he has a pleasant impression of me already and I’m happy to keep that going.

      Sitka Andromeda


        I agree with Valeron.
        We shouldn’t give Svargus anything that he could use later to say he “aided Northwatch” or whatever… He is just looking for coat tails to ride so he can try and become the High Lord of Falconcrest.
        I say we don’t give him anything to work with from us.


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          Kaizran has now raised my sister. In the vision, I saw of this happening it appeared to me that she had a total of 12 people she had raised with her. We must act.


          Marley Sage

            I see no reason why giving Svargus the ability to say he “Aided Northwatch” would be a problem. I’m a specialist at reputation management and think if anything that’d work in our favor. No one’s saying he’s altruistic and if he presented that idea, it’d be a chance to prove falsehood.
            It’s clear to me that the King and Queen of Falconcrest respect our opinion and it would be a simple thing to make it clear that to them that he is a villain and to remove him from consideration, without removing a potential advantage.

            With only two of 3 of the Guild Leader saying to sit on our hands, neither of them with family at stake – that is not leadership in practice. This isn’t a call out, you guys are great. Rather an explanation of why I feel like acting outside of what you’ve said.

            Zyra, did you write to Kaizran as Wizard Manyhome suggested? I’d like to coordinate with you, Reginald, Sitka, and Leetah to try to lay a Kaizran trap that Svargus helps spring.

            Something along the lines of Svargus being contacted by Sitka and having him secure a wardable room at an inn (or something) where we can meet her privately. Zyra contacts Kaizran and offers herself as bait. Leetah and I stick with Reginald and once they’re in the same room they chat for awhile drawing out what information about the captives is possible. The Wizard casts a Ward (or better Barrier?) and then we all do our best to drop her.

            Knowing this might not work and she might escape, we need someone with us who can either use the concealed arts to pick the control rod off of her. When are where the pick happens and who helps it happen (Wrynn?, Rin?, Bort?, Svargus?) definitely needs fleshing out. Maybe someone in disguise or working for S so that even if they are caught it doesn’t seem like Zyra’s involved. Or maybe we wait to pick her until they’re talking in the room, but this would require someone who could hide indoor.

            Thoughts? I’d like to begin this immediately (like tonight or tomorrow) if I’m not way off base? Any joiners?


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              I did indeed write Kaizran a letter as Sage Manyhome suggested. I did not state a location to meet in my letter as such might make it seem more apparent the trap I’m hoping it will be, but instead asked her to specify a location outside Ku’Vahl and am hoping if she responds we’ll have enough time to scout it out, or at the least arrive in force. I can share a copy of it, as I made several drafts which I still have to reference, if wanted. It’s a bit long though…
              The thought of working with Svargus gives me a bad feeling as well, even if it’s just using him, it might just be I feel it would be a bad idea with how much sway he’s already getting, if he could say that even Northwatch came to him for help it could give him even more good will with people, I’m not sure though.

              -Zyra Goldenmane

              Grant M

                I’ve gathered what I have learned concerning Kaizran along with some conjectures that I have come to based off of information I have gathered.

                -Kaizran was never trained in combat or magic outside of very basics. She was favored by Averic because of her know-how with politics and negotiations with other groups.
                -Her ‘Grandfather’ was a Creon from Myzentius. Myzentius is a known mercenary country and it is safe to assume that her grandfather understands how to fight in combat or at least lead troops or groups in combat. That means he has had about 2 years of teaching her how to either handle combat herself, or know how to position troops.
                -As Tal Sigor is an Arch Lich, we need to assume that she has been given strong rituals cast on her or given undead minions to command(possibly that her grandfather has helped manage).
                -Since she raided a lexicon of the Prince of Wights, she probably has personal power gained from using his runes, like how she is reviving dead family members.

                Basically, if she has taken full control of all these pieces, it becomes a perfect storm against us. Granted, from what I saw and found; she has not. I dont think the Lich has invested any time into Kaizran outside of giving her undead to use and maybe a few rituals.

                The main issue in my mind is how much has her grandfather changed her(outside of driving her crazy) with abilities and what runes/magic she got from the Prince of Wights. I think that most of her abilities are now going to come from handouts from Tal Sigor and any runes she has. Most of that can be countered the same way you can with any magic user. Granted, her strength is not personal strength, but those of the undead that she commands. She will not just send all 13 at us and let us fight them off. No, she will have other undead weaken and tire us then have them swoop in. We cannot lower our guard(obviously).

                Creons are also known to also be deceitful to get their way, do not believe if an undead relative says they have broken their bonds or want to be free. Never talk to one alone no matter what they say.

                -Valeron Avarici

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                  So as far as trapping Kaizran goes, here are my thoughts.

                  Zyra have you received a response from her yet with somewhere to meet?

                  Karu do you still have that magic rope that acts as a wardable structure?

                  I think we should still try to have Reginald trap her but, I also think that as soon as we have a location Rin and myself should head to the area ahead of time and set up actual traps to help deal with any extra undead that she inevitably will bring with since there’s no way she will come alone.
                  In addition we can use that rope that karu has (assuming she still does) to set up wards and rituals regardless of whether or not we’re indoors or at an actual structure. We could also try to lay that down ahead of time while setting other traps so we’re not trying to run a rope around Kaizran while she’s there “talking”
                  Hope that helps, let me know where I’m needed



                    Unfortunately she has yet to respond. Your plan sounds extremely solid, I personally like it. I’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as I get a response and what all it says.

                    -Zyra Goldenmane


                      We learned a good amount about Kaizran’s control over our family members last night. I’ll try to list everything I remember but if I miss something someone else please fill in what I missed.

                      I’m opening this thread’s visibility to Vladamir Garadetski as he mentioned interest and that he would very likely be able to help last night.

                      -Those who where raised were raised as multiple types of undead all in one
                      -There are forms of phylacteries bound to each of these undead making it so they will come back
                      -There are candles at the gravesites of the raised that are likely tied to them and possibly even these weak phylactery like items
                      -There is a high likelihood that a life is snuffed in the ritual Kaizran used to raise our family members
                      -The candles can be “relit” to bring those we took out last night back
                      -Those under Kaizran’s control are likely being compelled to like being undead and feel a part of a new undead family
                      -Kaizran is likely to try to bring those we took out back on a night of power
                      -the longest night of the year is one such night of power and is tomorrow
                      -Leetah’s vision showed 7 solid figures and 5 incorporeal, this could mean she had 7 so far, or that they were raised differently with some being incorporeal beings, or something else entirely. My father was one of the solid figures which doesn’t help a ton but does mean that either of these are likely.
                      -Fruian’s Friend, Lorenzo’s grandfather, Cosimo’s Brother, and my father were all seen last night
                      -All but Cosimo’s brother were slain, at least temporarily
                      -Leetah’s sister was also most likely taken. Giving us a count of 5 of the 12 being known

                      I’m traveling to my father’s grave tonight and staying through the solstice in hopes to prevent my father from being raised again. Krow has kindly offered to join me. I know there are a couple of others checking out at least one of the other graves but if anyone else would like to join me it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you would like to say what other graves are going to be visited and who is going in groups to those graves so that there can be some organization about it such would probably not be a bad idea and can be listed here.

                      -Zyra Goldenmane

                      PS: I would also like to briefly thank everyone for your help and understanding with everything that was going on with me last night.

                      (OOG: if you would like to go with Zyra and I don’t, or might not, have your email you should send me an email or PM or something with your email address so I can CC you when I send in an email to plot. My email is: shantal@pitmans.us)


                        We also learned a few things from Bard about the Prince of Wights in connection with Kaizran. You may recall, part of his dying message was a warning about Kaizran, and we already know she had somehow accessed his remaining stores of information and items. (Tangentially, Bard said the Prince’s “prophecies” were general ideas and not accurately detailed.)

                        The candles which she is using were originally forged by the Prince of Wights, for a different unknown purpose, as a “gift” for the members of our town. Whatever that purpose was, Kaizran has figured out how to use them for this purpose instead. The candles also cannot be moved (I’ve heard) and must be snuffed in unison to stop the phylactery effects.

                        Each resurrected family member probably has an item like Zyra’s father’s ring, which is somehow tied to their genuine spirit and could potentially be contacted via seance.

                        Sitka Andromeda

                        Stephen Foerster


                          I apologize for the interruption, but did you say my grandfather was one of these beings? Could you be a bit more specific?

                          Lorenzo Li’Sola


                            It’s not an interruption at all, I apologize that you found out in such a way. I should have sent you a pigeon but don’t have all the details and was trying to get information out as quickly as I could because of the solstice.
                            Kaizran showed up to interfere with the ritual Avric tried to cast Wednesday. Four undead of our family members also showed up. I wasn’t there when your grandfather apparently showed up but I heard mention that he was there as one of those four. He was apparently fought and defeated but I don’t know anything more than that. Again I’m so sorry you found out in such a way and that I have no more information on it.

                            -Zyra Goldenmane

                            J’hunai Noquar


                              He said his name was Vito and he was looking for you specifically.

                              When he was defeated his corpse disintegrated into ash. I suspect he will return once his candle is relit.


                              J'hunai Noquar
                              Child of Earth Magic

                              Stephen Foerster


                                That is just fine. I was just trying to find out more information.

                                You are probably not aware, but I married into the Li’sola Family. I was born a Giello, which is a different family from the Gladelands. Do we know which family this Vito came from?

                                Lorenzo Li’sola

                                Larry Ward

                                  Mort Here, I just received a missive from my father that the grave of my mother was disturbed.
                                  While my father does not feel there is anything I/we can do about it I have never really been the type to listen to his arrogant ranting.
                                  What really angers me is that we helped her recover the memories of her grandfather and this is how she repays us? Let the dead rest!
                                  Whatever aid my friends need in this I will give, perhaps there are some answers in the pale dream perhaps not but I will try to be vigilant for anything that will give us an advantage.



                                    My father’s candle has been relit, so he is “alive” and under Kaizran’s control again. She didn’t need to go to his gravesite to do so, and everything that had been left there by her had been destroyed so she didn’t need the candles I had been told had were there. I only know he is back under her control because of his ring. It’s probably safe to assume the other two we defeated have also been revived by Kaizran.

                                    -Zyra Goldenmane

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