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      I disseminated most of this information last night but thought it wouldn’t hurt to make a post here as well.

      Last week, on the 7th of November, Kaizran came in to town right before the majority of us had to leave to through a portal.  She was ranting about how Northwatch screwed her over and we owed her recompense.  Here are the details of the situation as I understand them and have been able to figure out.

      During the Blood Feast, which was essentially a sick game and form of entertainment put on by the Kingdom of the Night that dragged the whole of Terath into it and ended up killing people as if necromancy was cast one would receive a black tear and many with these black tears died or were severely harmed.  While it was going on Northwatch and Kaizran decided to back one another and were helping each other so that Kaizran would win and she would use the prize for Northwatch or be an ally or something like that (I am not clear on the details as to the why Northwatch was helping her).  At some point, close to the end of the Blood Feast if I’m not mistaken, Kaizran apparently went crazy and murdered several villages.  Wizard Reginald used Colloquium of the Sage to contact her and ask her to come to town and maybe submit to a circle of truth to prove her innocence and she refused in a very suspicious manner.  With her not being willing to prove her innocence Northwatch decided she couldn’t be trusted and decided to go with a plan presented by the Argent Tide involving turning Leetah into an undead and having her win the Blood Feast instead.  This happened during a time when Kaizran was being hunted by the Kingdom of the Night for helping Northwatch and Northwatch abandoning her at this time resulted in her loosing most of her power.

      Kaizran is understandably mad about this and came to town to give an ultimatum, specifically that she is making a new “family” of undead using ancestors belonging to those who dwell in Northwatch and needs souls to empower them.  She told us that either we need to provide her with 7 of our lives or she would take 12 from our families.  Kaizran also made the statement “For example if I was to take a relative of one of your Black Knights that live in town…” which is troubling as one of the members of the Brotherhood of the Dark Star had a family grave robbed of a corpse just a couple months ago.  Although possible that these aren’t connected the coincidence is strong and if she has already taken one body it is possible she has taken others.  Her time requirement was for us to contact her with our answer before last night (I thought someone said it was two weeks from when she was in town and therefore that we had one more week than we really did so I didn’t push to get this information out as soon as I should have and was focused instead on getting as many facts as I could first), which I don’t believe anyone contacted her so she might be going after families now.

      With the threat directly against our families, and the fact that she may in fact have already stolen one of our member’s ancestor’s body, The Brotherhood of The Dark Star is in full support of killing her and if funds are needed to find her or fight her please contact me.

      Valeron had the foresight to make a record of this and others may have better information on the situation so if I made any errors or left something out please correct me.

      As a side note, I reread my pigeons to Valeron and he said “next time we meet” not next Wednesday so when I said he said would be there last night to show the make a record I was wrong and I apologize for making a false statement and the confusion it created.

      -Zyra Goldenmane

      –Treasurer of The Brotherhood of The Dark Star



        So i’m clear on the facts here, she’s had opportunity to prove her innocence and chose not to, and has now demanded we make recompense with necromancy? Or threaten the spirits of ancestors?

        No, absolutely not. That is not how we work. I fully support working to find a better arrangement, provided she proves her innocence, otherwise, I think we should treat her as hostile and proceed accordingly.




          I agree with Gray.

          Even if she proves her innocence, we are not going to let her take 7 lives from town and threaten our families in such a way.

          I personally feel that we now need to view her as a threat to this town, but what we do about that at this point I don’t know.



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          Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
          OOG: Chelsea Baldwin


            I opened the visibility of this post to Lord Avric Silvermoon and Lord Orrin as Lord Orrin wishes to be kept up to date on this situation and Lord Avric might have insights on the situation as not only did she steal some land from him but he had chosen her as his replacement.

            -Zyra Goldenmane

            –Treasurer of The Brotherhood of The Dark Star



              Thanks for putting out this information and for being so thorough. Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate further.

              I really would like to work this out, but she’s making it VERY difficult considering her hostility, and the extended period of her absence. Reginald mentioned that she was contacted in plenty of time to seek resolution BEFORE the Bloodfeast finished and completely blew us off. I believe it was also said that, when she was ranting recently, she accused Northwatch of making no such attempt to contact her.

              Sitka Andromeda

              Grant M

                Sadly, my Record only recorded 5 minutes of about 15 minutes of her conversation she had after many of you left through the portal.

                I do remember when she was talking about the ‘volunteer’ option, that she was stating 5 lives from Northwatch need to be given up, not 7.

                Concerning what to do with Kaizran, I do not mind us still trying to dissuade her from this path, but as soon as the first undead relative she sends to Northwatch to harvest one of us, I will no longer with open arms, but instead a drawn weapon

                -Valeron Avarici


                  We need to make some headway on this. I would rather be proactive then reactive to this plagued ones actions. If we sit and wait she will come at us with her new “family” on way or another.

                  Does anyone have a good relationship with Averic? I don’t know anything about his territory or the followers he had they defected to Kaizran. I think he may know her best and would be able to give us some incite to her.

                  Anyone have other contacts within the Kingdom of the Night that may be willing to help us against Kaizran? From what we were told from the Prince of Wights she is working with the crippled pale one. Maybe that would be motivation for them to help?

                  Has anyone recently been following her actions ad have any information on her movements?

                  To anyone studying the runes that we got from the Prince of Wights. Have you been able to gleam any power or use from them? He mentioned they could be useful in fighting Kaizran



                  Grant M

                    I have worked with Averic a few times this last few month, one of which was assisting getting his territory back from her. I will reach out to him and see if he has any insight or assistance he can give us in this matter.

                    I do know Leon and Lieaden have made copies of the runes we found and were doing their own research on it. I do not know how far they have managed to go with the information, but if they can either chime in, or someone reach out, that would help.

                    -Valeron Avarici

                    Travis Emery

                      I used to work with Avric a lot in the past. Getting a hold of him now days is a bit tougher though. I’ll see if I can’t reach out.

                      I know back when Kaizran first kind of went off the deep end and started killing people in a nearby town, it was brought up as a possibility that she was being controlled with dream magic.

                      With the recent news about Deimos and all of that going on, have we explored this any further? I would be interested to see if Imogen or Jezlyn (spelling?) have anything to say on this matter, does anyone have a good way of contacting them?

                      The Prince of Wights had a lot to say about a common enemy approaching and such, and I know Kaizran was upset about of choice for the blood feast, but it is possible she is being used as a distraction while other things happen behind the curtain. We should all keep our eyes out for anything strange, and please report it immediately.

                      Also, for the time being I would caution everyone where Kaizran is concerned and treat her as hostile unless proven otherwise.

                      — Krow

                      "You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion."
                      -- Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, summer 215

                      Slayer of Heroes

                        I’ve said it many a time, as has my mother, but since no one seems to be talking about it, I’ll make it known on this post as well. A while back, Northwatch agreed to help bind Kaizran’s grandfather’s (I think, it might have been her uncle) spirit to her, as per her request. Since then, he has been driving her to do things that the Kaizran we knew would not have (like murdering everyone in multiple villages and raising them as undead under her control). I don’t know his motives, nor do I think the Kingdom of the Night does, but they blame US for what’s happening to Kaizran, as WE were the ones who bound her grandfather’s spirit to her. I also had a brief conversation with Kaizran when she came into town and asked her about this. She told me that her grandfather was guiding her, whispering in her mind.

                        Also, I was the one who used the Colloquium of the Sage to attempt to convince Kaizran to come into Northwatch and prove her innocence, specifically through a Circle of Truth. She refused, stating that submitting to a Circle of Truth meant nothing since there are “so many ways to get around them”. I called her out on that and said that if that was true then she could simply come deceive our Circle of Truth and we’d believe that it wasn’t her, or that if she really didn’t kill the villagers she could come tell the truth and we’d believe her, so either way she would regain our support. She STILL refused, and tried desperately to change the subject.

                        After that, I contacted Celeste via the Colloquium of the Sage and asked her about Kaizran. She said that not long after the villages were wiped out, Kaizran’s forces grew considerably in Ku’vhal. Though that isn’t proof that she did it, it certainly looks that way.


                        ~ Malestrazza


                          Thank you for the additional clarification Malestrazza.



                            I am happy to give what information I can to help with your discussion about Kaizran. I apologize for the delay in my response. Of late, I have been focused heavily on the restoration of Nos Talanos, which we are now much closer to initiating, thanks to your assistance.

                            First, my thanks to Malestrazza & Zyra, for your summaries. My understanding about how we got to where we are with Kaizran is very similar to what you have said here, although my opinion on the nature of the Blood Feast is perhaps more complicated, as the Blood Feast resulted in the cleansing of a great necrotic blight.

                            Before I left Terath with Aleric Falconcrest, the Plagued One known as Kaizran was an individual whom I trusted deeply. She knew nothing of her past mortal life in Myzentius, though she very closely mirrored my desire for peaceful relations between the Kingdom of the Night and the other kingdoms of Terath. However, she is now drastically different, and my understanding is that her views have become aligned with those of Sir Veracyte and other deeply dangerous undead who would prefer to conquer, subjugate, or devour the living.

                            I do not know if this change in her personality is from her Grandfather’s spirit, or from dream magic influences, Demos’ control, or simply from her own deeply disturbed reasoning. But while in the past I have asked for you to attempt to save Kaizran if possible, know that you certainly have my full support in defending yourselves. I do not believe that you should not give your lives to appease Kaizran, whether the slight she seeks recompense for is real or imagined. Simply by asking you to sacrifice yourselves she has proven that she is not deserving of your friendship or alliance.
                            The majority of the territory which Kaizran had taken from me is back in my control, though she unfortunately still possesses a magical control rod of Ku’Vahl which continues to give her a strong hold on the rest of the area that she controls. And there can be no doubt that she also laid claim to much of the power and perhaps even some of the plans that belonged to the Prince of Wights before you destroyed him.

                            I would be eager to know the nature of what she gained from the Prince of Wights, if you are able to discover such. I have also received no information as to where she stands regarding the return of the Archlich Tal Sigor

                            Avric Silvermoon
                            Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Night


                              Does anyone know about her mortal life? Was she called Kaizran from birth? Is there a family name?


                              Sitka Andromeda


                              Grant M


                                From what I remember when we helped her recover her past(since she was raised an undead with no previous memory), she used to be a part of the Creon family. Kaizran is simply the name given to her when was an undead. Do note that she was a Creon before the current established family that is in Myzentius now.



                                Do you know anything about the rod she is using to keep herself in power over that part of your lands? Is it a true Ku’vhal rod that can partially control the movement of the areas in Ku’vhal, or does it have some other effect in the ruins?

                                Do you also know where her power lies? Does her power lay more in line with Liches, with strong magic and Rituals? Or does she have more in raising and controlling undead that Dread Lords tend to excel at? I dont think I have ever seen her fight or defend herself directly.

                                -Valeron Avarici

                                Marley Sage

                                  (Avric, I have been advised to speak to you in person regarding why I should contemplate tolerance for the unliving and after many months of anger at events surrounding Veractye and Severian this summer, am hopeful we can arrange this. I will send a pigeon if you can confirm that those reach you, otherwise, I’m open to other avenues of discourse.)

                                  For Avarice’s sake, I’ll spare the polemic against the undead for now but rest assured that I will lend my blade and spells to roasting Kaizran. Suffice to say the change in her personality may have been hastened by many things, but only one caused it: existence within undeath.

                                  Since she seems powerful (and to an unknown extent), just jumping her when she comes in town seems like poor tactics, compared to inviting her into a Wardable structure, entrapping her there and launching an attack then. Otherwise, she’ll just leave by magic and while we may feel a little better, we will have lost our best shot at the “person” who is stealing the corpses of our ancestors and threatening our families.

                                  I recall having it explained to me that the binding of her grandfather’s spirit was also either a catalyst for or end result of restoring some of her memories. Can someone who was there provide insight into that? Sitka have you been investigating her history in Myzentius? I’d be happy to spend some time this month doing so if I wouldn’t be retracing your steps.

                                  Valeron, I’d like to see that Record next time we coincide.



                                  OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

                                  PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer


                                    It would appear that Kaizran is on the move, since she just tried to attempt to take one of Gunnvors ancestors. I know that Svargus would believe it had to do with Tal Sigor, and while part of that may be true, teh fact remains that Kaizran did not receive her answer from is in time and is now moving to take our ancestors without our blessing. I have to agree with Valeron, I will now welcome her with weapons instead of open arms. We are past any civil discord with her at this point, and she must be dealt with, she will now take 12 of our ancestors to bolster them and make part of her family. We need to find out how many she has already taken and move to cut her off.


                                    To clarify Zyra, she did give us two weeks to answer her, and I got my dates mixed up and told you incorrectly that we had missed the deadline which I apologize for. Regardless we are now definitely past her deadline and she is making her move.


                                    I know I am newly returned to this town, but please listen when I say she is a threat that we should deal with sooner than later, the less power she can muster, the better for us. I believe luring her into a warded structure is a great idea, how to get her there though, is currently beyond me.


                                    Lastly I was there for all of her Rant at the feast, so if anyone has further questions I will do my best to recall what was said.


                                    Best Regards,

                                    Jovi Smash, descendant of Camarus Smash, son of Karthúr Smash

                                    “Smash only that which is deserving of all your might!”- Karthúr Smash 145 PB

                                    Jovi Smash, The Spring Warrior, descendant of Camarus Smash, son of Karthúr Smash

                                    “Smash only that which is deserving of all your might!”- Karthúr Smash

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