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    OOG Note: The XX designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters

    As you should know last Friday one group went into the Dream Realm while the other half defended the Ashen Cloth’s vault in the waking realm. I was in the group that went into the Dream Realm, and while in there we saw some possibly informative dreams and other bits of information so I figured I would share them here, especially as one paints a target on us.

    Dream 1:
    We saw Albion May in a lab, working on something alchemical, and working on some golems. The golems were crystal magic, not quite Amethyst, but he was working on adjusting them to fit some crystals to them. We also saw that the lab he was in was one of the buildings in Ku’Vahl that are flickering in and out of the Faded Realm.

    Dream 2:
    This one was a dream of a dream Wish was having, where a snake was doing something bad to him.

    Dream 3:
    This one was actually attached to one of the anchors, but it was of a man juggling five orbs. One with a Diamond on it, one with a Heart, one a Club, one a Spade, and the last was just black. Rin hip checked him and took over two of the orbs, which left him feeling relieved, and said something about how it was nice and he should maybe get some help. Then we were able to see a dream of his through a dream orb, he was in a room with three others, around a table with a map, all of them wearing masks with the card suits on them. He told them to place their cards, almost a full deck was had between all of them, and they lay them out, most in Westerland. There was some sort of agreement and then the first guy picked up two of the cards and rubbed them together over Westerland until they caught flame and burned. This could mean something is about to go down in Westerland, if it was a dream of something he was planning.

    Dream 4:
    We saw Theodan Saris, he was in Ku’Vahl and a woman he called sister kept showing up and talking with him. He ended up walking out of the room he started in that she kept visiting and walking through Ku’Vahl, not having any issues with the shifting of the ruins, in fact they seemed to shift out of his way. He reached a point where he pushed some ruins aside and there was a wall with an image and a cipher on it. (Cipher below).

    Dream 5:
    We found ourselves in an over the top elaborately adorned room, and we found Dulcimere Mendax there talking to three apprentices. One of them seemed concerned, thinking what they were working on would get traced back to Mendax, but Mendax reassured him that it wouldn’t be and that the apprentice would be protected to the best of his ability. One of the apprentices said something about how the sudo lycantrhope drug had failed, and after the apprentice that seemed concerned left they basically talked about getting rid of the guy. The dream suddenly shifted and we got a feeling that we were flies stuck in a web. We saw Mendax receive a letter first from King West, then the dream shifted again and he received one from King Vol. At that point Xisteau couldn’t restrain himself and he grabbed the letter. It ended up being gibberish, and it became obvious it was a trap to find out what we were interested in, especially as he seemed quite mad at us for spying on his dreams, and said we should come apologize to him before he found us, and he swore he would find us. Especially as Xisteau tipped him off to being someone who would be interested in a letter from King Vol.

    Dream 6:
    We then had a brief dream about Nos Talanos, he was in Ku’Vahl, near where Albion May was. He was looking through the flickering buildings, trying to find something, most likely Albion May.

    Dream 7:
    We had the option to look at one of a few dreams, and we picked one of Avric. It showed him, first a memory of his showdown with Tal Sigor, then getting trapped in the black orb. Once those flash backs were over it showed him, lying in a cell, in the center of a maze, in a dark corner of nowhere, which felt very well like it was a planar sanctum of Tal Sigor’s.

    Not other’s dreams, but more things we learned while in the Dream Realm:

    The Sandman showed up, and offered help basically just because it entertained him, but started seeming quite distracted and then Reginald sort of showed up and he had to leave, but not without us first getting a glimpse of thousand of chess boards, giving an impression of him having many plans in motion and helping us being part of them.

    A bit of information about Spirit Wells and how spirits in the well aren’t actually fully spirits anymore, but more their leftover energy.

    There was an Abyssalist living in the Dream Realm, someone named Nesulf, but he actually helped us defeat the Shadow Gargoyle. He was actually the one who told us how to destroy the Well of Souls and had been planning on doing so himself.

    Speaking of the Shadow Gargoyle, when he was defeated we found out that he was created by Leaf Lightfoot, an amalgamation made using Reshi, or whatever was left of him, and a powerful Gargoyle as a template. We also were able to tell that although we defeated him, he wasn’t destroyed, but rather went back to somewhere, perhaps his body is still in tact and he went there, and he can be saved.

    There were a few ciphers:
    Cipher Key DUST
    Cipher Key Abandon
    Cipher Key FLAME

    Cipher on wall Theodin Saris revealed:
    A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
    N | I | G | H | T| F | A | L | B | C | D | E | J | K | M| O| P | Q | R| S | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

    I don’ t know how many of these things will be useful, especially the Ciphers, but I figured it would be safer to share the information than to not.

    Book-small ~Zyra Goldenmane

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    Just clarifying a few things.

    The very first dream we had was of a teenage boy by the name of Trevor. A veil fell over him and he looked older and was adorned and armor. He spoke about taking over all of Terath and was going to start with Westerland.
    As we continue to speak to him, a large army began to form. Xisteau spoke with him and I approached Trevor and imagined pulling off his veil to reveal his younger self.
    I spoke to him and said “Oh Trevor, pretending to play war with sticks. Go home.”
    He look upset and faded away. Three paths then appeared. One that ended with a skull,
    one that ended with a city, and I don’t remember what the 3rd had at the end of it.

    The final orb that the jester was juggling was a ball with a black hand print on it. Which I believe is a symbol for the Ebon Hand.

    I did some research and on Nesulthe and found the following

    Baron Nesulthe Medeva, Grand Master of the Abyss, Holder of the Seal, Protector of the South was the former Baron of Southwatch who resided in the city of Rhell. He was a close personal friend of Reshi

    Name: Nesulthe Medeva
    Aliases: Grand Master of the Abyss
    Titles: Baron (given by High Queen Octavia I believe? )

    Not sure why he was in the Dream Realm. Trapped? By choice?


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    As a side note, does anyone know someone who specializes in planar sanctums? Or may know how to find one? This is the first lead we have gotten on Avric. We should follow up on it


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    About a month ago we came across an artifact that was being used on lay lines that was scrying into Ku’vhal. We were able to “tap” into the scrying and see what they were looking at. It was focused on Ku’vhal and it was watching three people. Fallen, Yohanis the Namer, and Lord Vohdrum. The people who were protecting the ritual sites were people who had a lot of Falconcrest pride and said they were part of the Sapphire Talon.

    We did stop the ritual and it would take a lot for them to get it back up and working. We do not know who was the person watching though. I wanted to share this as well.

    Sage Camilla

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