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    OOG Note: The (XX) designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters.

    So some good news and some bad news and a need for a vote.

    Good news:
    Xisteau, Albion, and I have finished making a single dose of a potion that will cure a single individual of Amethyst taint.

    Bad news:
    There could be some negative side effects (confusion, magical ability swapping, weakened spirit making it easier for them to obliterate if they spirit), which most likely will be temporary, but there is a tiny chance they could be permanent.

    It will be gradual, although this could mean 30 seconds, could mean a day, could mean longer, this means we might have to lock them up for some time so they don’t re-infect themselves while still under the influence.

    And we only have one dose and are not likely to be able to make a second dose. There is a chance if Albion survived for half a year, and we managed to collect the necessary components, we might be able to make one or maybe two more doses over the course of said year. Either way, it would be a while, expensive, and there are things that could make it take even longer (loss of Albion for example).

    So, a vote, I don’t think it’s quite poll worthy as we need to discuss who even our options are. Personally, I’m thinking it might be a good idea to use it on King Vol as he is a king (so has resources that could be useful if we do try to make more cures), has been a big part of the recruiting and spreading (so would know who else is infected), and has been part of this for a while (so might have information on Arcetiomas and his plan), but we could also wait and see if there is someone else we want to use it on, perhaps even Arcetiomas (although I personally think he is too far gone if he even is just under the influence)? It is a potion though, so would have to make them drink it somehow.

    book~Zyra Goldenmane

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