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    Good evening everyone,

    The plot team met last week to talk about Winterfest. During this meeting, we focused primarily on the following two questions:

    Should we have it?
    If so, what would it look like?

    There was a lot of discussion, and we came to following conclusion. Ask the players. So, we are coming to you to get your opinion on what we think is a workable model. Also, to answer this question before it is asked, YES! We will have as many large events as we can once we get to a point were in person events are doable. This means in person overnighters, weekends (if it happens early enough), whatever we can to start making up for lost time.

    To start off, we would shot to have Winterfest be the last Wednesday of the month (Feb 24th, 2021).

    We recognize that Winterfest via Discord is going to be very different and that we should not use the regular model for this event (end big plot, begin big plot). So while there will be plot and RP, we will not be ending any of the longstanding plots we have been running or starting any new large plot lines.

    Since it is hard to be involved via video chat, this solves the issue of people feeling forced out.

    The night will be one of RP, puzzles and games. The plot team will be doing a lot of RP (we will be adding a lot of additional IG Chat rooms to help keep things somewhat organized). So we are asking people to volunteer to run games or puzzles. Of what type you ask? Excellent question!

    Whatever type works, and is fun! We will find a way to justify it IG, and ask our players continue to forcibly suspend their disbelief πŸ™‚

    Since we (the plot team) will be focused on RP, we need players to run the games and puzzles. So please don’t be shy. They don’t have to be long or complicated. Fast puzzles or quick games are a great way to take a short break from RP.

    Also, there will be rewards for those who run puzzles. You will be granted treasure (coin, goods, magic items, in some form and combination)! Those who participate in the games/puzzles will also earn treasure in the same way they would if they went on a module.

    We are also going to ask that everyone get in costume as much as you can and if you have a webcam, please turn it on! While there is a 25 person limit per video chat, we can have people rotate in and out if we hit the limit.

    So, what are peoples thoughts? If people legit aren’t interested in doing this type of thing, we are prepared to have just a normal event. We considered putting up a poll for this, but believe it is better to have people share their opinions as much as possible.

    Thanks all!

    The Plot Team


    I would love to host some jackbox games from my PC. I will stream them from my PC and then people can just log in to the website from their PC or phones and we can play some word games or you know murder trivia.

    I am down!


    Travis Emery

    If I can be help by running some games, I am happy to do so as well.

    — Travis

    "You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion."
    -- Krowthus Quince of the Clan of the Bear, summer 215

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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