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    Hello Northwatch,

    As many of you know, your outpost was built upon the ruins of some kind of magical ruin from the days of Kuv’ahl. High Queen Octavia once used the ruin as a prison, but some time before her passing ceased its operation and hid it from the world.

    One of the reasons she felt it was an ideal prison is the magics of the place only allowed it to be open in specific ways or at specific times. I believe that the ruin may be connected to the same magics that cause the ruins of Kuv’ahl to shift and move, but I would like to confirm this.

    I have recently acquired a key that I believe can be used to open the ruins and allow exploration into it. Because this ruin lies under your home, I felt it appropriate to ask if you would like to help me in my research. My goal is to confirm if the magics of this former prison are indeed the same as those that cause the shifting of ruins.

    Most of my personal resources were used when you asked me to aid you in the fight against the Arch-Lich, but I have a somewhat potent magical item that I am willing to give to your town as payment. You are welcome to keep anything you find on your expedition, with the understanding that if it pertains to my research I will be allowed to study it.

    I will come by your town on Wednesday and we can begin.

    Theodin Saris


    Hello Mr. Saris … Sir Saris?

    I do enjoy exploring new places and I love helping others with their endeavors, so you can count me in for Wednesday!

    I’ll bring the snacks.

    Until Then,
    Rory Brooker

    PC: Rory Brooker
    Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
    OOG: Chelsea Baldwin

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