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      (This post is only available to active PC’s within Northwatch)

      I gathered and organized all my notes from some work last month and am sharing some intell I came across.
      West Akeron Trading Company name has been thrown around quite a bit of late. A busy company that deals mostly in trade to Hadrianus, Myzantius, Haven and the Queen’s Lands. While they pass through Falconcrest, they don’t work directly with any merchants there and tend not to sell goods in Falconcrest at all.
      I discovered the owner of the West Akeron Trading Company is Legatus Arivis Hadji Tarkeena of Theranda.

      Below is older intell I had on her.
      The Legatus’ purchased her land and title by selling rare ores to Akeron (Orichalcum in particular)
      It is rumored that the Legatus is more of an investor than a merchant. Rather than deal in specific goods, the Legatus invests in projects and business enterprises
      It is said that the King and the Closed Council have been trying to negotiate for the location of the mines where she obtained the Orichalcum she used to buy her lands and title (and supposedly is the source of her great wealth), to no avail.
      The Legatus is said to be engaged in large scale, long term ventures in Ebrus, Hadrianus and Myzantus.
      It is rumored that the Legatus is seeking to expand into Northern Terath.

      From my investigations last month I discovered some troubling new.
      At the last gathering I was at Arivis mentioned that she has been working to obtain a supply of the raw sap, and is in negotiations right now to obtain a supply of it.

      She has made an arrangement with the Elves that come from the forest the sap is from to help build a refinery, and believes that it will be completed by the time her deal to obtain raw sap is completed.

      This causes a lot of buzz amongst the merchants at the gathering as many wondered what a market for the refined sap would look like. This is all the Tarkeena would say about it, as the deal has not yet closed.

      Any further attempts to learn more was, unfortunately, not successful as she didn’t speak any more on the topic.

      Going forward

      Legion having access to the sap would be terrible.
      Finding who she is working with in imperative.
      We should consider having Wish close down access of the portal to others.
      Locating the sap facility within Akeron.
      Gathering intell from our allies within the Echo Forest to find out more.


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