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    Matt Helms

    Apparently I was able to get them done faster than I thought!

    They’re done! Here’s a pic!

    Matt Helms

    Just took another 31 broken weapons at the open house.

    I’ve got strapping tape, socks, and 5/8 in” thick wall pipe insulation ordered and should be arriving within the next 2 weeks.

    Paid almost $400 out of pocket.

    Receipts have been emailed to mythicrealms email address.

    Can’t wait to get cracking on these things and rebuild them to wonderful NPC weapon creations.

    Thank you,


    Matt/Mike R./Everyone,

    I am looking at trying my hand at archery. I know some of you have extensive experience in this area. Can you direct me to any websites, or other resources, to give me an idea of what glues or other materials I should use to connect the various pieces of the head together? I have all of the correct components to make the head, I just need to know if I should use DAP/carpet tape/etc. to connect them, and what to cover the head with to preserve it but not make a “brick on a stick.”



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    Matt Helms


    I’ll be honest, I’ve not dabbled with boffer archery, however I did find this as a tutorial to make arrows:


    Whether or not that’s Mythic Realms legal, that’ll have to go through Adam, the Man at Arms.


    Grant M

    I would also talk to Adam. I do know he spend a bit of time last year testing a few homemade arrows and he may have some input.

    Grant Martin
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    Matt Helms

    Weapon rebuild progress:

    3 red weapons created – 2 of them are using just the foam “horsepill” tips for testing purposes to see if they’re acceptably safe. (Per Adam) Those have a band of yellow tape on the handle.

    7 red weapons are almost done, they just need the open cell foam tip at the end, a red sock covering the blade, and the handle tape wrapped.

    I think there’s another 9 cores of red weapons left to do, then it’s the silver weapons next.

    36 rolls of strapping tape were ordered and have arrived.
    Foam insulation was ordered and is in my possession. (A LOT of it.)
    Socks have been ordered and are pending shipment.

    Matt Helms

    Update 10-16-17 12:44am

    9 of the red weapons are done. (7 of them have open cell tips, 2 have the horsepill tip only per Adam)
    7 of the red weapons are 90% done (They just need a red sock and the handle and/or pommel wrapped.)

    Zach to receive the order of socks
    Breakdown of all the non-red weapons.
    Rebuild of all the non-red weapons.

    Matt Helms

    Update 10/17/17 7:15pm:

    All 29 weapons have been repadded.

    Pending: Socks arrival to cover the “blade” ends.

    End result:
    16 red weapons.
    13 black weapons (swords, non-claws. They didn’t have any grey socks.)

    4 illegal cores ejected (2 of which I was able to salvage the fiberglass, 2 which I couldn’t because the metal bar and the fiber glass were cemented together.)

    1 core non salvageable (A latex dagger that was stuck together with too much adhesive. Couldn’t pull it apart, had to junk it.)

    29 weapons rebuilt total.

    Matt Helms


    They’re all done! 29 new NPC weapons are ready!

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