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    Jessica Munzlinger

    Apologies for the late posting.

    Here are the visions, in order, seen in Rhoum a few months ago.

    Vision 1

    Rhoum shows Xaria where the heart is. He explains the position controls the defenses of Rhoum. Someday, he tells her, she can take over, but for now, only Rhoum, Nadrak, and Thalomere fill the position. He heard brothers fighting and had to go because he didn’t want them to scare the students.

    After he left, Xaria looks about the room and says, ‘At last.’

    Vision 2

    Xaria alters the runes with a bloody bone.

    Vision 3

    Rhoum, Xaria, Nadrak, and Greymoore go to the heart. Rhoum sits on the throne in the center – it has crystals in armrest. Scrolls are on the shelves in the wall and runes fill the wall, which Nadrak and Greymore inspect the runes.

    They leave Rhoum as he prepares, closing his eyes. Before Xaria leaves, she turns and says, ‘Finally.’

    After they leave, Rhoum opens his eyes and appears to panic. The white runes start to glow red. He screams in pain and cries, “Why Xaria?”

    Vision 4

    Thalomere and an older gentleman who Thalomere calls his ‘young apprentice,’ discuss what happened with Rhoum. Thalomere says that it was certainly an accident because he had investigated it thoroughly. Both discuss the creation of the Sacralerin – a repository of knowledge.

    Vision 5

    Nadrak and his apprentice are in a study. Nadrak speaks of his brother being trapped for 10 years. He knows his brother is alive – says he can feel him – and also since the defenses are still up and working.

    Nadrak and Thalomere were not able to set Rhoum free.

    Vision 6

    Xaria and a hooded figure – possibly Litch Talsogor – discuss the war going on too long.

    Xaria looks into a mirror and says “Dark Prince, everything is in place. Keep your end to make me a Dark Princess.” The image in the mirror reminds her to make sure Riven is eliminated.

    Those are the visions in order. I recall other images seen by the entirety of the group prior to the small groups of us seeing these, when Xefrom, Rhoum, Greymoore, and Primus discuss Xaria becoming a guardian. There were also those images of Rhoum while he was in the heart – turning to stone while red tendrils encircle him.

    Feel free to add details as you recall to make these visions more complete in detail.





    Thank you for your effort in getting this compiled. I will add a copy to the library at The Good Knight Inn.


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