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    Adventurers of Northwatch,

    Uummm… Hi. I’ve never asked for help like this before…

    My name is Astrid; I’m the unofficial leader of a little village a few hours outside of Citadel called Preklet.

    Something strange has been happening in our town the last week or so and I’m wondering if you adventuring types could help us.
    People in our town have started going missing. Which is terrifying. What is more terrifying is a few of them have been found in the outlying woods around town and they’ve been attacking us.

    We don’t know if it is some kind of illness or animal attack that is causing them to lose their minds. The woods do have a lot of nasty creatures lurking about…

    Is this something your town could help us with?
    We don’t have a lot of money to offer but we can pay you what we are able.
    If you can help us, please meet me in our town square tomorrow around 7pm.


    PC: Rory Brooker
    Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
    OOG: Chelsea Baldwin


    Dear Mistress Astrid,
    This situation you speak of sounds most dis-concerning and alarming. I would happily meet with you and discuss further the issues that seem to be plaguing you and your village tomorrow. If you would be able to have some more information concerning the situation when we arrive that would be most helpful. Such as:
    – When you started noticing your people started disappearing?
    – When you encountered the missing individuals, other than attacking you, did they show any other signs of problems? (acting like zombies or feral beasts, speaking or yelling incoherently, etc.)
    – When they attacked; Did they use weapons, appear to feel pain or bleed?
    – Did they appear to be interested in taking more people or following your group while you were escaping?

    If you would be able to answer some of the queries it might assist with our efforts. I hope to meet with you soon.

    Master Tar’Quin Precious
    Humble Co-Proprietor of T&T Mercantile Exchange
    Resident of the Famed town of NORTH-WATCH

    Silver, Mithril or Steel can be earned or used by any...
    But only the best of us can truly master GOLD!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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